Review: Disney On Ice @GentingArena Birmingham 4th April 2015

This is only the second time Madam has been to see a show. The first time was Chris and Pui’s Roadshow at the  smaller venue of Tamworth Assembly Rooms. So I was a little concerned as to how she would cope with a considerably larger venue and considerably more people.. She really wanted to go though and since she had some birthday/Christmas money saved, I used it to buy her ticket.

I think because we (me, Mum and Madam – she’d decided it was a girls day out!) went to the 11am show it was a lot quieter than I thought it would be. The car park was almost empty and I’d managed to secure a place near the exit. The bus that took us to the arena was only half full. All to the good in my view.

We were ushered through the turnstiles quickly – thankfully. Then of course there were a vast array of merchandise stands selling extremely expensive stuff. I know Disney is not cheap but stick a “Frozen” label on it and you can double the price…

Anyway, to the show. Our seats were excellent, we were in Block 15 Row A right at the front 😀 also right by where the skaters came on and off the ice.

Roughly half an hour was devoted to each of the four Princesses being showcased, they did an abridged version of their stories with all the popular songs included. There was Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle and of course Elsa and Anna 😀

Madam loved every minute of it, squealing with delight and bouncing in her seat 😀

The skaters were incredible and I have to mention Maximus the horse and Sven the reindeer. My hat is off to whoever was in those costumes because they were HUGE. They must have stood 8ft at the tallest point. How they managed to stay upright and skate in the right direction I do not know, but it was most impressive.

Sebastian the Crab had everyone clapping along to “Under The Sea” and it has been stuck in my head ever since!

Lumière lead a fabulous “Be Our Guest”

During the Rapunzel set some kids got to go round the ice on a cart pulled by one of the characters.

The Beauty and The Beast was the nearest thing I’ll get to seeing the musical and I loved it!

But the one everyone was waiting for was Frozen.

There was a rousing applause for Sven and Kristoff followed by even louder clapping and shouting when Anna skated out.

They performed nearly all the songs, a little bit of “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” also “For The First Time In Forever”, “Love Is An Open Door”, “What Frozen Things Do In Summer” and of course “Let It Go”

There was even a cheer from the audience when Anna punched the nasty Prince Hans in the face 😛

All of it was really well stage and superbly skated.

Brilliant entertainment for kids of every age – and Big Kids like me too!


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