Magic Flute Smurf Chapter 31

Been a long time I know :/ but here we are. This is roughly half what I would normally write, however since it’s taken so long to get this far I’ve decided to post anyway. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Chapter Thirty One

The Señor had never considered himself to be a nervous passenger but Izambard’s driving was leaving even his steely nerves more than a little frayed. He found himself holding onto the door handle for dear life. He had offered to drive but Seb either hadn’t heard or hadn’t been listening.

Now they were doing at least ten miles over the speed limit, jumping red lights, missing other cars by a hairs breadth and squealing the tyres round corners. His foot jammed down on an imaginary brake pedal as if sheer will power would make the car stop. Seb hit the brakes for real, they both jerked forward and an angry driver blasted his horn at them.

The Señor discreetly checked the wing mirror for signs that Seb’s erratic driving was attracting any other unwanted attention. If a police officer saw them, they would be pulled over for certain. That was the last thing he wanted. Always stick to the speed limits, obey the laws of the road, blend in with the other traffic. It was the first rule of not getting caught. He’d made a long career out of not getting caught, Seb however had let his emotions get the better of him. The Señor never let that happen. It was the the second rule of not getting caught.

He decided to take matters into his own hands.

“Urrrrrrgh” he groaned clasping his stomach with both hands and leaning forward in his seat.

Seb looked across at him “You okay?”


“You look like you’re going to throw up.. you’re not are you…?” this was the last thing he needed.

“Maybe… pull over! Now!”

Seb swerved into a side street and pulled to a stop as The Señor literally fell out of the car onto the pavement.

“Shit” Seb got out and hurried round to see if his accomplice was okay or if he was going to cark on the spot “Shit”.

The Señor was on his knees seemingly doubled over in pain, he let out another groan.

“Something you ate?”

“Cheap brandy and pringles..”


“Help me up..”

Seb took hold of him under his arms and attempted to pull him to his feet, after a couple of false starts he got The Señor standing.. sort of. He leant him against the car to prevent him from falling over. He wasn’t sure he could get him upright again, that man was heavier than he looked.

“You alright?”

“Give me a minute”


The Señor looked up, the colour seemed to have returned to his face “I’m sorry”

Seb dismissed the apology with a wave of his hand. Then he made the mistake of taking his eyes off The Señor for a few seconds to check if anyone was watching their little drama.

He never found out because as soon as his head was turned, The Señor landed a left hook straight on his chin, knocking him out cold.

“Like I said. I’m sorry”

The Señor caught Seb before he hit the ground and heaved him into the passenger seat. He buckled him in, shut the door and then got in the car himself. He altered the mirrors and the seat, tuned the radio and as the strains of Ave Maria filled the car, The Señor pulled away from the kerb, signalling, politely letting three other cars pass before he turned back out onto the main road.

“Amateurs” he grumbled.


4 thoughts on “Magic Flute Smurf Chapter 31

  1. Meg

    Oh, I do sooooo love El Senor. Will be waiting eagerly for the next chapter. And, maybe at some later date, you can do a story about the “rules of not getting caught”. That could be interesting, I’d bet!!! Thanks again.


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