Il Divo’s most romantic songs according to the fans!

For a little Valentine’s fun I thought I’d ask the Il Divo Fans which songs they thought were the most romantic out of all the ones the guys have recorded. And in no particular order.. here they are!




5 thoughts on “Il Divo’s most romantic songs according to the fans!

  1. Meg

    This was interesting. Love some of them, but. much as I love their version, I don’t know that I would have picked Bring Him Home as a romantic song. I personally would have liked to see Isabel or Angelina in there. But the truly wonderful thing about your post is that makes it all think which ones we’d choose. And all ID thoughts are good thoughts.

    1. I asked my followers on @CarlosFansUK to tell me what they thought and this is the sum total of the replies..
      I agree with you about Isabel and Angelina. I was surprised no one really mentioned the older stuff they’ve done. But it was personal choice 🙂
      Oh yes ID thoughts are very good thoughts ❤

  2. Meg

    Wondered where you got the list!! Of these, She is definitely my favorite. I really love the way they did it in the concert–half English, half Italian. Bless you for all the work you do on your blog–that brings such enjoyment to the rest of us. Speaking in enjoyment, are we going to get another chapter with what’s happening to El Senor????

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