Word of the Week 6/2/2015 Internet #WOTW


Seriously though.. where would we be without it…

I do come from an age when the t’internet didn’t exist.. if you wanted to talk to your friend you went to their house. If you couldn’t do that then you went into the hall and used the telephone to actually speak to them. In proper sentences. If your friend lived abroad then you wrote them a letter….

Twitter was something birds did. If you wrote on someone’s wall you got told to bloody well clean it off and handed a bucket of water. They certainly didn’t “like” it. People did not go around shoving pictures of their kids or their dinner or their kids dinner under the noses of complete strangers shouting #Dinner #Yummy #Potatoes #etc.

If you didn’t have anything nice to say you kept it to yourself. Other people took your photo for you… risqué pictures were kept strictly to yourself. No one took pictures of themselves in horrible nightclub toilets.

Ending a relationship involved a little more humanity than “unfriending” or “unfollowing” someone.

Following random people was not encouraged..

Trolls lived under bridges and ate Billy Goats Gruff.

Your favourite actor/singer/celebrity was an unattainable mystery not someone you chat with on a regular basis.

You could get everything you wanted from Woolworths and you actually went into the shop to buy it.

The internet of course has it’s advantages, thanks to Amazon you can have almost anything you want delivered to your door for free.

You can have instant conversation with anyone anywhere (including your favourite singer/actor/whoever) at any time. You can find information about anything at the click of a button. New friends can be made, you can do your banking, your shopping, tax the car, do your job, book holidays, all without leaving the house. Or the sofa.

As much as I love the internet.. a little too much maybe 😀 I do sometimes think the “Olden Days” were a little better…

but then I wouldn’t be able to tell you all would I!!!

Please go to http://www.thereadingresidence for Jocelyn’s #WOTW and far more sensible posts than my ramblings!

PS this post was going to be about how much I’ve used the internet this week but went off at a tangent!




11 thoughts on “Word of the Week 6/2/2015 Internet #WOTW

  1. All true! I used to have to actually go to the library to do research for school and when I started dating my husband, I used to have to call his house phone and talk to his mum! Oh, the wonders of the olden days…! I do like the convenience of it all now, and blogging, of course, but I do think it might have made us a little less lazy and perhaps better mannered?! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. ourlittleescapades

    This really did make me laugh and it is so true. I think growing up with the internet can be quite a scary thing but I also think I would be in contact with my school friends more if we had it. I remember the days when you has to dial the internet, now I feel old!

  3. debsrandomwritings

    Maybe we should continue feeding trolls to the Billy goats gruff (love that story). As with everything the internet has it’s pros and cons and I hear what you are saying. When I left England (many years ago now) the only contact I had with my family was through letters and the very occasional phone call. There were no social media sites and the internet wasn’t even heard of.

    I remember the first time I heard of the internet was when two men came into the bar we had, trying to sell us advertising space on this thing called the world wide web. I laughed them out of the bar. What they were telling me seemed too outrageous to be true…..

    Thanks for the chuckle.


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