Word of the Week 9/1/2015 BACK! #WOTW

back to normal

Kids are back to school.

Hubby and I are back to work.

Swimming, horse riding, gardening club and PE are all back on the calender.

Christmas decorations are back in the boxes.

Our new fridge freezer arrived so we are back to normal in the kitchen.

And I am back to the blog on Fridays. I have decided that because nothing much is happening in the worlds of stuff I blog about, I will only update on Fridays for a while. I have a couple of posts that get made on Fridays including the #WOTW so it seemed like the best day to do updates on.

Let’s face it nothing is ever so earth shattering it can’t wait a few days! it also gives me motivation to get all my other stuff done during the week so I can have Friday free 🙂

Nip over to the lovely Jocelyn’s blog thereadingresidence.com because she’s back too! LOL!!!

Have a great week folks.


7 thoughts on “Word of the Week 9/1/2015 BACK! #WOTW

  1. Same here. As with everyone I guess, though I’m afraid my little one isn’t doing so well with going back to our routine of waking up and going to school. Hopefully soon! #wotw.

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