Word of The Week 2/1/2015 – Food #WOTW

This weeks word is FOOD… it could easily have been wine…ahem.

Last Saturday my parents came over for dinner and I cooked a roast pork dinner.

On New Years Eve lunchtime we went out for lunch at a local Beefeater. We don’t go out on the night, it’s not so easy when you have kids and to be honest ours are not party people. So we stayed home and ate “party food” for tea! It suits us much better.

New Years Day it is tradition in our house to invite my parents over for dinner, hubby gets his apron on and cooks up a Chinese feast.

In the middle of all the festivities disaster struck… the freezer part of the fridge/freezer packed up. Panic ensued as we tried and I have to say succeeded to save the contents. After stuffing as much as I could into the already full chest freezer, I took two bags of stuff to my Mum who very kindly gave me a drawer in hers to use.

New Years Eve afternoon was spent at the Retail Park looking for a new one, which we have bought and is being delivered on Thursday.

At least my food shopping bill will be lower this week… the cupboards, fridge and chest freezer are all bursting at the seams.. Duck and Apple pate anyone?





8 thoughts on “Word of The Week 2/1/2015 – Food #WOTW

  1. Thank you for all your comments 🙂 We were very very lucky with the freezer contents. I have had get switched off before now and I didn’t realise.. lost the lot.
    Happy New Year to all of you xxx

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