Goodbye 2014…

New Years Eve… again. Didn’t we have one of those only last week?? I cannot believe where this year has gone. Now the TV stations and social media are reminding us of all the important news events and creating lists of all the famous people who passed away… why do they do that? and more to the point why do we read them? anyway..

Well I thought I’d put together the high points of our 2014 and to be honest it’s not been too bad.

Started with a trip to Lichfield Cathedral to see Seth Lakeman in concert.

We had a trip to Centreparcs at Sherwood Forest over the Easter holidays.

The kids – well Madam- had her first theatre experience when we went to see Chris and Pui’s Roadshow in Tamworth.

A free weekend at the new Centreparcs in Woburn was definitely an unexpected bonus! First time I’ve ever got anything like for nothing! so thank you Centreparcs!

Hubby and I went to see The Eagles in concert, they were fabulous! brilliant concert.

Then there was our holiday to Majorca 😀 first holiday abroad for years and it was incredible. I love Majorca and I loved the resort. Will have to save hard for a return trip.

We had a beautiful summer!

Madam left Infants school and went to Juniors. She has settled in so well, joining the after school gardening club and charming everyone she meets. Very proud of her.

Sir is in his final year at Junior school. He has learned to ride a horse, swim without armbands and has settled well into his new class. He also celebrated his 10th birthday. Proud of him too.

Another Seth Lakeman concert, this time at Birmingham Town Hall, followed a week later by a trip to see Blood Brothers for the first time since the mid 90’s. It did not disappoint.

The day after Seth’s concert I went to see Il Divo and Lea Salonga at the LG Arena. Fabulous concert and a real treat for me to see Lea live on stage. Fans should not complain when artists have guests because you never know who might turn up. I had a Meet and Greet ticket so got to have my photo taken with the guys ❤

The concert year ended with Alfie Boe who put on a wonderful show.

We have also had all the hedgerow cut back at the front of the house, finally started to finish some jobs in the garden and for the first time in 10 years my living room was toy free… I say was because one or two new toys have crept in…

2014 was as Frank Sinatra once sang “a very good year”



One thought on “Goodbye 2014…

  1. vswamp27

    Had to smile when I read your 2014 year in review. Yes it was a very good year for you and your family. Now go have a good 2015 making more wonderful memories.

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