Carlos Marin and Innocence in concert Campeche



4 thoughts on “Carlos Marin and Innocence in concert Campeche

  1. vswamp27

    Karen have a couple of questions. First tho’ thanks for posting these. Part one said I was in the wrong country but parts 2 and 3 were just fine. On part two what was the first song–Geraldine sang it.?
    The audience applauded after each song but when Carlos was talking there did not much participation–even when he laughed there was no laughing with him. Or was I just not hearing the audience? Guess I am used to hearing the audiences when Il Divo perform.

  2. No idea why part 1 would not play if the others did, although the third wouldn’t work for me at first. Could just be a glitch.
    No idea what the song Geri sings because I haven’t actually watched the video.. I just posted them.
    No idea why you can’t hear the audience.. maybe they were just quiet. maybe it’s a quirk of it being recorded from a live stream, which to be honest will never give the best quality or maybe they just didn’t find him funny :p
    Not much help am I?

  3. Diane

    Hi Karen….thanks for the videos….wonderful concert….and i noticed too that the audience were somewhat “quiet”…i’d have been whooping and cheering my head off !!!!!

  4. Meg

    I’m hoping this show makes it to Vegas. It would be perfect for Vegas. And I would be there every moment of it!!!! And, as Diane says, I would be whooping and hollering and clapping loudly!!

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