Word of The Week Boxing Day – Christmas! #WOTW

Christmas Eve!
Christmas Eve!

He has nothing to do with anything by the way… I just like the picture ❤ the nearest I got to getting Carlos there for Christmas was the Il Divo Live In Japan CD but I digress!

I’m sure someone else will probably pick Christmas as their WOTW since there is no escaping it!

On Christmas Eve we had Hubby parent’s over for lunch, I cooked chilli and jacket potatoes. Since everyone would be having a huge roast dinner the next day I thought I’d do something nice and simple. We had a lovely day, my parents popped in to wish them a Merry Christmas, we had tea, coffee and cake!

Christmas Day saw a very early start… Sir woke up at 4.30am… nothing to do with Christmas, it’s just something he does. By 7am Madam was running round shouting “Santa’s been! Santa’s been!” she soon tore through her presents like a whirlwind.

After breakfast we opened family and friends presents from under the tree. Thank you calls were made and texts sent.

We gathered at my parents for dinner, also my brother and his girlfriend were there which was nice.

Lunch was lovely, we all ate too much!  Then there were more presents afterwards.

We stayed a while then the kids wanted to go home, so we drove the long way round to show them some of the Christmas lights people had put up. There are some quite impressive displays round where my parents live.

Later on we slumped in front of the TV and watched Frozen 😀

Today we are not doing anything much. Kids are playing with their toys and waiting to see if the snow that has been forecast arrives.


Hope you are all well and had a lovely Christmas Day.

Pop over to Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/ and see what she’s been up to!


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