Word of the Week 13/12/2014 – Going Out! #WOTW



My social engagements are a bit like buses.. I wait forever then three come at once… πŸ˜€

Tuesday was Sir’s school Xmas performance, they do three, Monday is for Grandparents, Tuesday and Wednesday are for parents. Everyone always wants to go and they can’t fit everyone in so they do a few. Sir was a pirate and he came out for every single performance! Very proud. The whole school is involved, in fact the WOTW was nearly tissues because of this play.

Thursday night my Mum and I went to see Alfie Boe at the LG Arena in Birmingham. I drove… I haven’t driven at night in I don’t know how long and couldn’t figure my main beam lights out.. and it was peeing with rain. But none of that mattered.

Alfie was amazing ❀ and I got to meet a Twitter friend as we had booked seats next to each other!

Last night we were meant to go to Hubby’s work Xmas shindig but he has Manflu and hadn’t been to work so we didn’t go. It was in Leamington Spa which is quite a way to travel, if it had been closer we might have gone. So we opened a bottle of wine at home instead.

Tomorrow we are going to the In Laws for Sunday dinner so no cooking for me!

Take a trip to @ReadingRes to see what word sums her week up!



2 thoughts on “Word of the Week 13/12/2014 – Going Out! #WOTW

  1. I love the Christmas performances at the school, they’re always so entertaining. Love the pic at the top of this post by the way, it made me giggle. I am very much like that, I haven’t been out in so long!

    Hope you enjoyed that lunch, and the rest! #WotW
    Morgan x

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