Word of the Week – 5/12/2014 “Cleaning” #WOTW


That. That is my living room… toy free – apart from the hippo on the arm of the sofa after 10 long years.

Last weekend we started The Christmas Clean. We took everything (apart from the suite) out of the living room and cleaned the carpet. I also got all the cobwebs, dust and lord knows what else. It looked so nice when we’d finished that I decided that the toys were no longer allowed in there. So far we have lasted a week toy free.. even the hippo is back upstairs on Sir’s bed.

Unfortunately because we dumped everything into the conservatory, I then had the task of cleaning that! Over a couple of days I have taken old bikes and put them in the garage, made a generous donation of unused toys to a local pre school, hoovered all the deceased insects up – where do they all come from? and cleaned the window sills.

All that remains is for one final Grand Sort Out of toys – the majority of the stuff is utter rubbish and will be thrown away. The aim is to leave one basket each of toys that actually get played with. These will remain in the conservatory and we will still be able to use it if we wish.



6 thoughts on “Word of the Week – 5/12/2014 “Cleaning” #WOTW

  1. Go you! I do love a good clear-out! Our living room is always a toy free zone, well, apart from when they;re playing in there, of course, but it all goes back into their playroom/bedrooms at the end of each day. I need it for my sanity! Best of luck with the Grand Sort Out! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

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