CD Review Il Divo “A Musical Affair” The French Edition

Those who follow my personal Twitter will know quite well what my thoughts on the release of this album were…

“Re do the album in French with French singers.. okay that’s an interesting idea!”

“It’s not in French…”

“I’ve never heard of these songs/singers..”

“Dear Lord what a bloody awful video…”

“Seriously. I am NOT impressed…”

“No way am I buying this..”

Then I heard the songs properly.. and so Dear Reader I bought the CD.

There are four new songs from French Musicals, two do overs  and a new duet from the original, plus the other songs that we have already heard, so 16 in total. Not bad.

Songs 8 – 16 are in the CD’s we already have and since we already know they are wonderful I won’t bother going over them again.

Instead I’ll take the 7 new songs by turn.

“Belle” from Notre Dame with Florent Pagny. I googled him. he’s HOT! in that Tommy Lee Jones craggy lived in kind of way.. and he can sing. Wasn’t sure at first but it’s grown on me big time. Carlos is fabulous. Seb is brilliant.

“Le Temps Des Cathedrales” from Notre Dame with Vincent Niclo. Googled him too. Not as impressed.. good voice though.. not as good as Florent however. But that’s just me. That doesn’t stop me singing this song at odd times of the is seriously growing on me and the Divo’s are superb.

“Memory” with Helene Segara. She is one of those singers that at first you think she has no power in her voice. But then all of a sudden BAM! she belts it out like no ones business. Way better than Nicole.. not quite as good as Lea. But then not many people are. Much prefer this version to the original.

“Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” with Lisa Angell loved the Heather Headley version and I love this. Equally as good. Very lovely voice.

“Who Wants To Live Forever” with Anggun… all I’m going to say is this: Duetting with this lady is like adding water to your cooking. It doesn’t take anything away… but neither does it add anything. She can’t keep up with the guys. She gets left behind. You can’t hear her, she may as well not be there. Therefore it sounds pretty much like 1st version. Still awesome. Just not sure what she’s doing there…

“Aimer” from Romeo and Juliet with Natasha St-Pier wasn’t keen on the clip I heard of this at all. It really needs listening to in full to appreciate it properly. It is an excellent song and she has a lovely voice. Like this an awful lot.

But not however as much as I like the final “new” song

“L’envie d’aimer” from The Ten Commandments with Sonia Lacen. This song is why I bought the CD. This song embodies everything about Il Divo. There aren’t enough words for this. The vocals.. David and Carlos especially. The arrangement. EVERYTHING. I am obsessed with this song. I’ll stop now.. I’m sure you get the idea.

So. Do you need what could be your third version of this album? Isn’t it just basically the same?

Yes. You do need it. And when you play the whole thing – original songs included – it is actually a better album overall. And I absolutely love the first one, I’ll still listen to it. There is room for both of them.

PS. I know I’m biased but Carlos bloody well rocks at Musical Theatre songs and that’s that.



4 thoughts on “CD Review Il Divo “A Musical Affair” The French Edition

  1. Meg McClintock

    Hey, I’m biased, too. And I think that Carlos could have a fabulous career in musical theater–if he wasn’t my favorite Divo, instead.

  2. Meg McClintock

    Was just reading the original reviews of AMA. You know, I agree that the guys did what they thought was best for the music. After all, they do the deciding on who sings what, etc. There have been songs where Carlos is only in the end crescendo–I think of Amazing Grace and Por Ti Sere here. Those songs are beautiful–because the beauty of Il Divo is that there are four Divos–not just one. So on this album there was a little more Carlos–only to be expected with his extensive musical theater background. The next one may have more Urs–or David or Seb. They know their voices and the songs and the best ones to make decisions as to where their voices belong. I certainly don’t have the knowledge to second-guess any of them!!!!!

    1. AMEN!!!! I could not have put that better myself. And all the songs sounded different live anyway! You could hear all of them easily. As you say who knows what the arrangements for the next CD will be. Il Divo is a whole group not individuals.

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