Word of The Week 28/11/2014 – Festive


This week I am getting Festive! well a little bit anyway.. I’ve posted cards abroad.. last time I do that! Next year they can have a e-card..

I’ve bought some wrapping paper and some LED train decorations for the kids bedrooms. I have found out the kids advent calenders and received the tickets for my son’s school Xmas production.

They don’t have a large school hall so numbers are limited but because it’s a SEN school all the parents and Grandparents want to go. In fact I have to say it is more than just a play, it is everything that school can do and stands for done in one hour.

Tissues are essential. But that will be another post.

There is talk of The Tree going up next weekend, the man across the road from us already has his outside decorations up.

And… I dug out my Christmas CD’s πŸ˜€

Ho! Ho! Ho!



6 thoughts on “Word of The Week 28/11/2014 – Festive

  1. debsrandomwritings

    I love reading what other people do in the build up to Christmas. My two have grown past the age when they do Christmas productions at school, but I am relieved that they have not grown too old for Advent calenders or a visit from Father Christmas.

    I do have most of the Christmas shopping done, but have yet to tackle Christmas cards! Next week…..

    Hope your sons Christmas play goes well and that you need a whole box of tissues!


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