Word of the Week 14/11/2014 – Expensive


Like many I have started my Christmas shopping.. Amazon is my new best friend, it gets on with my credit card like a house on fire. I have taken a delivery of a brown box every day this week, containing all sorts of goodies… for the kids naturally.

Also like many households we have the Frozen Obsession or DoYouWannaBuildASnowman Syndrome…

Has anyone else noticed that anything that heralds from that film is twice the price of any of the other Disney Princess stuff?? Never mind building snowmen.. Do You Wanna Pay My Credit Card Bill? is more appropriate but doesn’t fit the tune so..

On top of that, my vacuum cleaner has packed up.. I’ve borrowed my Mum’s for now. To be fair it hasn’t worked well for a while.. I could have gone round with a straw and done a better job.

Then you start getting the letters from school about Little So and So’s Xmas Dinner, School Trip… etc…..

Oh well.. it’s only money..


8 thoughts on “Word of the Week 14/11/2014 – Expensive

  1. Oh dear, but yes, I can relate! Boo’s had a school disco this week, a panto to pay for next month, a fund for teacher gifts – it goes on! Like you Amazon and I get on very well, and yes, Frozen items are ridiculously expensive! Oh well, only money as you say…! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Amazon has also been my go-to place for presents and what-not. Ditto too with the Frozen madness, my daughter is also obsessed with it. #wotw.

  3. We are having money problems. Add to that son’s feet suddenly grew and we need to buy PE shoes, school shoes, wellies and his everyday shoe! Now we need to buy him books and I am opening my piggy bank just so I can buy it. Christmas is coming and I dont know if we will celebrate it in my household =( #wotw

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