English Translation of ecodiario interview with @carlosmarin_

“When we started we did not believe much in the project,” says Carlos Marin, Il Divo

Madrid, November 4 (EFE) .- When Il Divo began their musical career 10 years ago, even the four members of this group of opera-pop never expected to reach huge international appeal, even today, landing in Madrid to provide a unique concert in Spain with praise from crowds, especially female.

What makes them a successful band without even playing on mainstream radio? Everyone was surprised how four gentlemen dressed in an Armani suit and with this kind of music. Even we both believed in the project when we started 10 years ago,” answered Carlos Marin, the only Spanish voice of the international project .

It recognizes that, at their best forecast thought it would sell a couple of records,” and soon would make opera and musicals (Marín began his career in this genre in 1993 as Marius in Les Miserablesand later on “beauty and the Beast “).

Nothing is further from reality, because Urs Bühler, Sébastien Izambard, David Miller and Marin lead itself sold 28 million copies of their seven albums, from the self-titled “Il Divo” (2004) to the greatest hits compilation released in 2012 .

“With the combination of lyrics and pop voices, we opened the season on many other groups to do the same, to which desire the same thing, selling 28 million albums. Although it sounds arrogant, we are proud to have started with this,” he says.

His latest project, which will be implemented soon in an album produced by fellow Spanish Alberto Quintero, is this tour that revisits themes of the most iconic Broadway musical, an idea that had been wanting to implement for some time, but the I was reluctant the factotum” group, famed producer and talent scout Simon Cowell.

“Whenever you have less to do. Now he knows that we can go it alone and we know what we do. This album has not been involved in and have been us who have chosen lyrics and arrangements. There was no anger, is that he has a lot of work, “says the singer.

In a previous selection of one hundred songs, combining reduced antiques, works as “Camelot” with other more modern musicals such as “Phantom of the Opera” or “Les Miserables” list, which have adapted to incorporate games harmonics that are a sign of the house.

We have been since the label singers versions, but it is very difficult to catch the song of another artist, make it yours and make it a success again. We have not put that label us. They always ask us sing the familiar” he says.

Whenever they have more commitments and work, for example in Japan, where they have been one month tour, so they are not going through your head put an end to the group.

“I cut with Il Divo we are not going through your head at this time. We are very involved and as the audience is applauding us, we will be at 150 percent,” he says.

Sunday Picture 12/1/2014
Sunday Picture 12/1/2014





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