Interview with @carlosmarin_ (English Translation)

Blame Google Translate if this is wrong.. have tidied up the grammar a little…

“Il Divo: Divine and Human”

October 31, 2014. 18: 35h Ulises Source. Madrid.

They are one Spanish, one French, one Swiss and one American classic pop singing voice of Il Divo and are so successful that their tours are biennialMoscow, and Beijing East Baltimore. And what does everyone in this quartet do? “The US is the joker, French is spiritual, the Swiss is serious and I am the Hi, baby, how are you?” Says sarcastically Carlos Marin, the Spanish of this narrative not it‘s no joke, but Il Divo, a reality that delivers non stop ticket. Beside him, in the order of nationalities, David Miller, Sébastien Izambard and Urs Buhler, the Nov. 4 Barclaycard visit the Center of Madrid with their latest show, A Musical Affair“.

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In fact, if a group‘s popularity is measured by the period of notice that the promotional interviews are granted six months either mark the crush of his agenda. We can not complain. Our tours are very intense, and I‘ll just have a few weeks to be in Madrid, at home, at Christmas. Then we go to Japan, Australia, Russia whole two years and every time we start a show, “says the Spanish. Marin is, as he says himself, the sexy group. A glance through the pages of fans to see who is the true erotic myth of these modern tenors. Erotic Myth! No … I do not think it reaches that status. But I recognize that I am a middle-aged bachelor and I enjoy pipe (no idea). I promise I‘m very happy so I do not know what happens to me more than ever and ligated with younger girls. It is seen that madurito (no idea) are fashionable. Is the appearance of their success? “I think people like us because we are natural and why not pretend anything. We believe happy people and enjoy our work. We sing the best we know and try to do a show where the humor is not negotiable, “says Marin. They are known for, somehow, bring classical sound to a wider audience. Yes. I think we are heirs of the Three Tenors in that, which they did before, but we are dedicated to the pop song and in some sense we have opened the way for others who have come back. At the beginning of our career, yes it’s true that there were some opera directors expectant see we committed sacrilege to put the outcry. But from the beginning we agreed that never would enter the field of opera, we would devote to other songs.

 As we respect that, we received a mutual acceptance. But everyone knows we sing with a microphone and are not impostors; belong, if you will, to a more pop territory. “Respect also comes because Marin studied in Germany and Holland and Conservatory in Madrid. Before the vocal quartet has sung opera, operetta, musicals … and even on the agenda of Jesus Hermida” he admits. In his new show, as everyone thought, for all audiences, the content is instantly recognizable: the best songs of Broadway musicals such as “Phantom of the Opera“, “West Side Story“, “Cats” or “the Lion King ‘form a repertoire designed to amuse. “We believe it is important to make records that have a concept, because it is what really engages the viewer on what you want to communicate. The next thing to do, therefore, is probably a disc devoted to classic boleros and Latin song, “reveals Marin on a strategy that has led to sell no less than 26 million albums worldwide.

Il Divo were discovered by one of the most influential people in British music, Simon Cowell, the famous jury of “X Factor” (a kind of American Idol”) in the UK. People have a nasty guy, and it’s true that on TV seems a bit capullín but has a rare virtue in the world of music: do not lie. He says what he thinks. While singing hurts to say that you are very bad and you go to your home, sometimes it is necessary. Although it can also mean more love (laughs) “he says. His beginnings were difficult, “Sure, we got there and we were told we did become friends, and that does not always work. But after ten years we are really like brothers and that’s the big secret. We have over forty all know what we want. If you need to say something, they say. “

*I have no idea what Google thought he was talking about in some of that.. if anyone has a better idea, do feel free to let me know.


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