Word of the week 31/10/14 – #WOTW

Mither – to fuss, moan or in my daughters case worry….

Today is Halloween in case you didn’t know. And I hate Halloween.

Not that I mind the local Little Dears coming to the door in their ASDA bought outfits, crying “Trick or Treaaaaaaat” whilst their parents freeze their backsides off waiting at the end of the drive. I buy tubs of lollies especially for the occasion, I wish them a Happy Halloween and off they go.

The problem I have with Halloween and the American inspired custom of Trick or Treating is that my kids do not like it. At all. One bit.

Sir as you may or may not know has a genetic condition called Fragile X. This causes amongst other things, autism, learning disabilities and anxieties.

A constant stream of unexpected visitors dressed in strange outfits has caused meltdowns year after year after year.

Madam loves the idea of it all until it happens. She gets scared by the more elaborate costumes, she’s been mithering all week about the callers that may or may not come to our house tonight….

What will they wear? Can we put a sign up telling them not to call? What if they still call? Will they go to the next house if we don’t answer the door?

and so on and so on.

So I’ve printed out a sign from The West Midlands Police website saying Sorry No Trick Or Treat.

And I will blu tack it to the front door.

Madam says in doing so I have “saved our house”…..

My door will be locked, my curtains will be drawn, the sign will be up and I have no doubt my kids will still be mithering.

I don’t know about sweets… maybe I’ll go round asking for glasses of wine!








3 thoughts on “Word of the week 31/10/14 – #WOTW

  1. Oh, I like the sound of that sign! I don’t mind it all going on before bedtime, but will hate the doorbell going after the kids are in bed, setting the dog off and waking them up repeatedly. It’s just not fun then! I hope you aren’t disturbed and the kids are OK x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. We didn’t get any trick or treaters for the second year in a row by we live on a main road and we didn’t have any decorations up. My two seem to get more disturbed by the noise of all the fireworks. (Loving the word mither by the way 🙂 ) #wotw

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