Bring Him Home… which is your favourite?

Remember when I posted Who sang your favourite version of Music of the Night? Well now I’m asking who sings your favourite Bring Him Home..

This should prove interesting… no fighting please!

The original Valjean?

The man who has made the song his own?

These four?

The version I bet you didn’t know even existed…

These four…?

I’ll let you choose…


9 thoughts on “Bring Him Home… which is your favourite?

  1. I absolutely adore the Divo one (because David’s voice with Carlos’ right after is so wonderful). But I would have to go with the 25th anniversary one, I think. Probably the staging adds so much to it. Maybe make it a tie of the two.

  2. DeMonk

    The Il Divo version is fantastic, but I still prefer the original Valjean. It brings back so many good memories. And all those boring housework chores lightened by this wonderful music.

  3. Colm Wilkinson’s is the one everyone else’s is measured by. I had heard Michael Crawford’s version and it’s very good.But,hearing Il Divo sing it live,WOW. It had me in tears.

  4. So glad I put this out again 🙂 David’s solo version has been mentioned and also John Owen Jones. Both are very very good although I do lean towards David’s. I love love love Il Divo’s version, Michael Crawford’s version surprised me, but my absolute favourite is Alfie’s.

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