Il Divo Birmingham LG Arena 18/10/2014

I should probably wait until I’m a little more awake to write this.. but we may be waiting sometime for that so…

First of all the M&G

May I assure you all that Carlos’ eyes looked fine to me. I would have noticed if they hadn’t..

There wasn’t as many people there as last year but everyone was very happy/nervous/excited/terrified to be there. We were only allowed one photo pose. You either had all your party in the photo or you had individual photos.. not both. Also you were not allowed to have your photo with the Divos and then have one with the Divo of your choice.

Maybe because of this they were more than happy to shuffle themselves around so that people could stand with their favourite(s) for the all important photo. My Mum stood with Seb and David.

I shook all their hands – no idea what I said to them except to Carlos I said “Hello Sir how are you?”

When I went for my photo I asked Carlos “Can I stand by you please?”

“Of course you can”

Oh My.. ❤

He even put his arm round me ❤ It would have been very rude of me not to do the same. I think I had Seb on the other side of me.. I can’t remember.. I know I had my arm round whoever that was as well! 😀

We were both so much of a tizzy we forgot to take our programmes! But someone bought them out to us after all the M&Gs were done.

Then we went off to find our seats.

OMG. What a concert. The best Il Divo I have ever seen. And also the funniest.

Carlos completely mucked up A Whole New World which David thought was hilarious.

“I can show you the w.. I can show you the world..twice”

Seb got the giggles during his speech – innit. The audience of course was no help to him whatsoever, in fact he pointed at someone and said

“Madam you are not helping me at all!”

David was really funny, going on about Divo Virgins and how that was normally Carlos’ department… and how his arms were tired from flying in from Amsterdam. He did the “Shakes was a Brummie” joke and asked how many musical theatre fans there were..

“Crap. That means we have to do a really good job”

I don’t know what Urs had before the show but I want a pint of it 😀

Carlos’ speech was so funny, descending into mayhem and confusion thanks to Seb and Urs.

“Are you going to sing wheels on the bus?”

“What? There’s a bus??”

“You could put them in your suitcase”

“Shut up! and let me do the talk!”

Anyway.. the music.

Incredible staging and light show. Incredible sound.

Highlights were

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Bring Him Home

Lea singing I Dreamed A Dream/On My Own – she got a standing ovation.

Some Enchanted Evening

Music of The Night



The Impossible Dream

In fact all of them.

Lea is amazing. I am so glad I’ve had an opportunity to see her live. Seats were excellent.

I didn’t take any photos, I just sat and enjoyed the show.

Can I go again?





5 thoughts on “Il Divo Birmingham LG Arena 18/10/2014

  1. vswamp27

    I am sitting here with wet eyes as this brought so many memories back. I am so happy it was good concert. And like you I thought Lea did a fantastic job, she deserved the stand ‘O’.

  2. I, too, am living with my memories. It had to have been the most professional show I have seen in Vegas (and that’s saying a lot since it’s Vegas)!! Hope we’ll see some YouTubes of the funny parts.

  3. Linda M. Emmons

    I also saw them in Akron, Ohio meet 2 ladies that had their first meet and greet. They were blown over by the guys there and with the performance. I know some people just want to see the guys, but by having Lea they can do so much more great songs. I’m sure they take a great deal of thought to do the best show for their fans!

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