Important information for UK Il Divo M&G’s

Fans who booked a M&G package for a UK show will more than likely have received this email from VIP Nation

Dear Guest

Thank you for purchasing the above package, we hope you’re looking forward to it!

We are writing to inform you that unfortunately due to venue restrictions as well as health & safety concerns, the backstage tour element will no longer be included in the package. The rest of the package will remain unchanged including the photo with the group, so it will now consist of the following:

–          Individual photo opportunity with Il Divo – with optional Broadway props

–          Seated ticket in row selected at time of purchase to see Il Divo in concert (IF PURCHASED WITH A TICKET)

–          Digital photograph sent to you after the show

–          Autographed tour programme

–          Commemorative tour laminate

We appreciate that this may be disappointing so if you would prefer a full refund you are entitled to one. As a gesture of goodwill we will provide all guests who keep their package with an exclusive gift. We would appreciate if you could confirm by reply how you would like to proceed, by 6pm Thursday 10th October at the latest.

We do apologise for the disappointment but we still anticipate a great night!

To be honest I really did wonder how much ‘backstage’ they could show us. I know at the LG Arena it is a wide open space like a warehouse.. not much to see. And obviously the guys don’t want us traipsing round their dressing rooms before the show.

No way am I cancelling though! I appreciate that they have told us in plenty of time, they are offering a full refund for those that want it and yes the gift will probably be a photo frame or pen or hopefully a champagne flute like I got last year so I can have a pair! 😀

Apparently the M&G info is being dispatched this week. Can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Important information for UK Il Divo M&G’s

  1. Hi I have been at a conference for the last few days and am just catching up. I also wondered about the backstage tour. However as this is my first M&G there was no way I was going to cancel. Can’t wait for next weekend but if the tickets don’t arrive before Wednesday I am not sure what I will do as I leave for Derby on Thursday before the post arrives!!!

    1. If you replied to the email then you should have had another one yesterday saying that the packages were being sent out 1st class. If you haven’t I suggest you contact them straight away.

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