Translation of an interview with @carlosmarin_

Karlos Marin – Il Divo: Srbi se ne stide da pokažu emocije

The link is to the original. Here is the translation via Google….

Please note. I don’t think this was a serious interview and I thought some of Carlos’ answers were quite funny 😀 Also I don’t think this is the easiest language to translate.

Carlos Marin – Il Divo: Serbs are not ashamed to show emotion

Spanish baritone and member of the popular musical quartet Il Divo Carlos Marin, exclusive to Story talks about the secret of success of the band and what it reminds us of our land.


I know you’re opera singers, but I want to try to otpevate (?) these songs – said the famous British producer Simon Cowell, tenor Urs Buhler (43) from the Switzerland, baritone Carlos Marin (45) from Spain, a pop singer Sebastian Izambard (41) from France and tenor David Miller (41) from America when in 2002 intended to establish a quality vocal dečački (?) band. That is how the first and most successful classicalpop group Il Divo, which combines different musical styles.

The quartet won the hearts of many female fans all over the world, and in 2006 he entered the Guinness Book of Records for the best selling album of an international group. The home crowd once again had the opportunity to persuade to their unusual vocal abilities when on 24 September in Kombank arena took some of the most popular songs from Broadway ‘. On this occasion, we talked with the oldest member of Il Divo Carlos Marin, witty gentleman who assured us that it is considered one of the main entertainer in the band.

Story: You’re the oldest member of the band Il Divo. Does this mean that the first band you ask for it?

If you want to know if you guys listen to me, I can tell you that I generally do not listen. All kidding aside, things between us were not set so that only ask for something I or any other individual in the band. That’s what I’m the oldest cle only in those moments when we were trying to Interplay certain choreography, of which we quickly gave up. It is probable that it was because of me. Also, when we go on a recreational activity, I am the oldest, and then others will listen to me to slow down the pace. And I have less hair than the other guys.

Story: When you touched stories about training, what do you usually do when you’re addicted to music and whether the guys from Il Divo inseparable when they are not in the studio?

– Certainly, Il Divo is not just a music band, it’s much more than that. Since we are very dedicated to music, do not have much time to distance ourselves from work, and you will usually see us together to have lunch, rest and so on. After all, people are used to it to see us together, but I know cases where members of a group are not on good terms, but together only when you need to do something professionally. We are not familiar idea to divide the work and socialize

Story: Is that the secret of success of your band and why survives for years in the same composition?

We are great fun. Many see us as serious guys in black suits, but behind it there is a children ‘s energy. We are the boys in gentlemen’s bodies

Story: You mentioned the suits, which are the main characteristics of your style. Do you dress elegantly and privately?

Armani suits are our trademark and I got used to them. Of course you can see me in different editions, but the truth is that I prefer elegant style, maybe even more so than the other guys in the band.

Story: Group members evaluate how you have the greatest voice in Il Diva. What would you single out as your uniqueness as part of a musical composition in any of yourself?

Thank them for that, if they say so, I would not be here meat. I repeat that we get along great as a quartet, and each has something specific. Specifically, my voice comes to the fore thanks to the mosaic that make our united voices. Urs say a rocker and has that rebellious energy. Sebastian is a true hedonist and calm the ruler of his actions, and David knows how to explain that the reason for your nervousness completely irrelevant, and I’m somewhere between a joke and reality.

Story: What is it this time was different compared to the concert that you have held in Belgrade two years ago?

At this year’s world tour A Musical Affair sing musicals. We are happy and somewhat mystical. Everything will be glittering, given that our society Lea Salonga right, singer lends voice to the Disney princesses.

Story: When did you first visited Serbia, have you had a chance to become familiar with our culture and what are your impressions about our country?

In Serbia we were wonderful. We did not have much time for sightseeing, but we saw tears girls in the audience, and we believe that they are symbolizing happiness. Emotion is what reminds me to your country. People who are not ashamed to show emotion


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