Chapter Five The Three Doctors

Chapter Five

“Okay, have they set a trial date yet?” asked Cal sitting back down on the sofa.
“No they haven’t, but I don’t think it’ll be too far off, he’s agreed to plead Guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence”
“He’s got some brains then.”
“Apparently so, although I’m not sure where he keeps them sometimes”
Cal laughed “You and me both mate, let me know if you hear any more and I’ll do likewise”
Paul ended the phone call and set the receiver back down. I need a drink he thought to himself so he went over to the cabinet, pulled out a bottle of Bushmills Sixteen year old and poured a reasonable measure. He took his glass and sank down into his chair. He sipped his drink and sighed. He couldn’t believe how much had happened in the past 6 months or so. He’d made two of the best friends he’d ever had, fallen in love with an amazing woman and now one of those friends was in jail. It was funny how life could change in such a short space of time.

Cal had just poured his second glass of wine when the phone rang again. “Who the bloody hell is it this time?” he grumbled “Hello, Lightman”.
“Hi” came a familiar voice on the other end “I’m sorry am I disturbing you?”
Cal smiled “Never love, what does our delightful daughter want now and do you want me to say yes or no?”
Zoe laughed “Nothing as far as I know. Actually it’s kind of a business call”
“Oh really? You need help with a case or something?” he heard her draw a breath “That bad eh?”
“Not really. Sort of. They’ve asked me to be the Prosecution Lawyer at your friend Greg House’s trial”
“Okay. Are you going to do it?” although he half knew the answer he asked anyway.
“I don’t know to honest, it could be seen as a conflict of interests. He’s your friend and I’m your ex wife”
“Doesn’t bother me love, as far as I know he’s entered into a plea bargain anyway. Shouldn’t be too much work for you”
“How do you know about that? Or shouldn’t I ask”
“He told me, well a mutual friend told me. If you want to do it go ahead. Or if you don’t give it to one of your minions to deal with”
“Cal I do not have minions”
“Whatever you say love I learned the hard way not to argue with you”
“Goodbye Cal” and the phone went dead. Emily came home just as he was replacing the handset.
“Who was on the phone Dad?”
“Your mother. They’ve asked her to be the Prosecution at Greg’s trial”
“Wow. Is she going to do it?”
“For once in my life Em I have absolutely no idea”
Emily laughed “You’re losing your touch Dad”.

The sound of the door opening woke Paul from his revere, he turned just in time to see Marie trying to sneak into the apartment. “You’d make a lousy spy” he said with a smile.
“I thought you were asleep” she noticed the drink in hand “Tough day?”
Paul told her about the phone call from Greg and his conversation with Cal. She poured herself a drink and came to sit next to him. They sat in silence for a minute or two before Marie jumped to her feet “You need a massage”
She stood behind him and began to work on his shoulder muscles, Paul closed his eyes and felt all the tension slowly start to ebb away.
Then the phone rang. “Ignore it” said Marie “Let them leave a message”
“But..” Paul began to protest
“But nothing. Leave it”
The answer phone cut in and Cal’s voice came over the speaker “Busy are we mate? Lucky bugger. Listen I’ve just had a call from my ex wife apparently they’ve asked her to be the Prosecution Lawyer in Greg’s trial. She hasn’t decided if she’ll do it yet, but if she does the poor sod won’t stand a chance. She’ll have his nuts for earrings. Anyway, just thought I’d let you know. Hi Marie” and the machine clicked off again.

“His ex wife is a lawyer?” Marie looked surprised “he actually divorced a lawyer. I hope it was amicable”
Paul laughed “Apparently so. He’s never really spoken of her to me so I don’t know. Oh that feels good”
She bent and kissed the top of his head. “That felt good too” he smiled.
“Tell you what, why don’t I make us something to eat and you can pour some more drinks”
“I remember the last time you cooked dinner, it cost me a fortune at a fancy restaurant”
“That was your fault. You distracted me”
“I don’t remember you complaining”
She leaned forward, slid her arms around him and nuzzled his neck “This time why don’t we do the distracting first and then the meal won’t get ruined”
He turned and kissed her “That is a remarkably good idea”
He pulled her gently over the back of chair and onto his lap, their kisses growing more urgent “Paul” she whispered “pull the damn phone out” and they both burst out laughing.

Sometime later it was decided that the best course of action would be to plug the phone back in and order pizza. Any thoughts of home cooking had been long abandoned. It was also decided that the best place to eat the pizza would be Paul’s bed. Eventually the conversation turned back to Greg.
“Will you go to the trial?” Marie asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe”
“I’ll go with you if you do” she snuggled up to him “For moral support”
“Really? You really want to come with me?” Paul looked down at her and she nodded. “I really appreciate that. I know you don’t know him that well”
“I’ll go for you. He’s your friend and I want to support you. I love you.”
Paul looked deep into her eyes for a full minute before he said “I love you too” and for the second time that night he showed her just how much.


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