The Three Doctors Ride Again Chapter Two

Chapter two

Officer Roberts stopped and knocked on a door on the left hand side of the corridor. A male voice answered “Come in”
The officer opened the door and stood aside to let Greg go past him into the room. Then he shut the door and waited outside, arms folded across his chest.
Greg glanced behind him as he heard the door shut, and then looked at the man in front of him. The man motioned for Greg to sit down as he finished writing a note of some description on a file. He closed the folder and looked up at Greg. “My name is Dr Anderson and I’ll be conducting your Evaluation. It will consist of a series of questionnaires designed to give an insight into your current state of mind and also see if you are fit to stand trial. I take it that since you are a Doctor yourself you have at least a vague idea of how these things work”
Greg simply nodded, he knew exactly how these things worked, he had been an inpatient at a Mental Hospital not that long ago, trying to beat his Vicodin addiction. He didn’t know if this Dr Anderson was aware of that, but he wasn’t about to tell him. He watched as the other man leaned back in his seat. “Any questions?” Anderson asked.
“Yes, where are Lie G – Lightman and Weston? I asked that they be here” Greg replied somewhat annoyed that his request didn’t appear to have been met.
“They are in the waiting room” Anderson replied simply, as he picked up a blank form from the top of his filing tray and handed it to Greg “Fill this in, and take as long as you need. I have all day if need be”
Greg sighed, removed a pen from his pocket and began to write.

An hour later, Greg put his pen down and looked up at Dr Anderson “Finished” he said. Anderson made no comment as he picked up the questionnaire and flipped through the pages. “Good, I’ll have Officer Roberts take you back to your cell” and he moved towards the door. Annoyance got the better of Greg and he held his cane out in front of the Doctor “I want to see Lightman and Weston”
Dr Anderson sighed, he’d had a feeling this had all been going too well. Not that he was in the slightest bit intimidated, he’d been doing this job far to long for that. “Put the cane down, go back to your cell and I’ll see what I can do”
Realising he had no choice, Greg did as he was told and followed Officer Roberts back the way they had came to his cell.
Dr Anderson headed in the opposite direction to the waiting room, he walked in to find one man sitting down and the other pacing the floor. The man on his feet marched straight up to him and said “Cal Lightman, this is Paul Weston” he indicated the seated man “We’re here to see Greg House”
“Dr Richard Anderson. It’s a pleasure to meet you” he extended his hand to both of them and sat down “I have to ask, are you here in an professional capacity or just as friends?”
“Friends” replied Paul and Cal nodded. They had discussed this in the coffee shop and neither man had any inclination to give a professional of Greg House to the Police. They both liked him too much for that despite what he’d done.

You will be allowed 10 minutes, and you must go in one at a time” said Anderson “Officer Roberts will be back in minute to escort you”
At that Paul’s mobile phone began to ring, he fished it out of his pocket, apologising “Marie” he said to Cal “I’ll take this outside, you go and see Greg” and he left the room.
Officer Roberts re appeared, Dr Anderson indicated Cal and said “This gentleman is first”
The officer nodded at Cal and the two set off to the visiting room.
The visiting room was practically empty save for two plastic chairs and a table. There were two doors, the one Cal had entered through and one on the other side of the room, guarded by a Police Officer.
Roberts motioned for Cal to sit down and then nodded at his fellow officer, “You don’t say much do you?” said Cal.
Before Roberts could answer him, the other door opened and Greg walked in. He had barely sat down when Cal leaned forward on the table and said “You Pratt. You total, complete and utter Pratt.”
“Nice to see you too Cal” replied Greg “Where’s Paul?”
“Outside, taking a phone call. Never mind Paul though, do you have a lawyer?”
Greg nodded “Yes I have a lawyer, not that it will do me a hell of a lot of good”
Cal sat back in the plastic chair “You do realise you’re going down for this don’t you?” when Greg made no reply Cal continued “You don’t even care do you? Bloody Hell Greg!”
“It’s complicated”
“Complicated my arse!” Cal was all but shouting at him now.
Hearing the sound of raised voices Officer Roberts opened the door to find Cal and Greg both leaning over the table at each other and getting right into each others faces.
“Time to go Mr Lightman” he said with every single one of his 30 years authority in his voice.
“Fine” said Cal and he marched out out the room.

Paul was back in the waiting room when Cal stormed in “Come on Paul we’re going” and he stormed back out again.
Oh dear thought Paul, and he walked out of the waiting room. Cal was nowhere to be seen, the only person who seemed to be about was Officer Roberts. Seeing Paul he said “He went that way” indicating the entrance way with his pen. Paul nodded a thank you and went in search of Cal. It was a bright sunny day and it took Paul’s eyes a moment to adjust to the change in light. He looked around and then spotted Cal sitting on bench not far away having a very animated conversation on his phone. Paul started to walk towards him wondering what on earth had gone wrong and would they be able to help Greg at all now.



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