Master of the House Chapter Six

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Chapter Six

What a cruel trick of nature landed me with such a louse..”

Charming and Cinderella stared at each other in disbelief. The journey back from the coach station had been frosty to say the very least. Now back in the castle and behind the locked door of the guest room Hurricane Cosette had been well and truly unleashed. They could only wonder at the hell fire that was raining down on Marius as they could only hear fragments of the argument. It would not be pretty in there.

Charming had half suggested going to Fernandos to get out of the other couple’s way but Cinderella refused saying she wanted to make sure the castle remained in one piece even if Marius’ ears were being blown apart by his wife’s tirade.

Glass of wine then?” Charming made a drinking sign with his hand.

“Bottle” replied Cinderella and they headed to the kitchen.

They weren’t the only couple driven to wine as a result of Marius’ marital strife. Eponine and Javert sat snuggled on the sofa with an expensive bottle of chianti. She hadn’t known wine from drain cleaner when they had first got together but Javert had made it his business to educate her in such things, now her parents put her in charge of all the wine orders for their inn.

Javert knew she was worried for her friend, but there was something else bothering her. He also knew she would never volunteer to tell him the problem, he’d have to prise it out of her. Several ideas wandered across his mind before he settled on the old fashioned way of asking.

What’s wrong?”

“You know what’s wrong. My friend’s marriage is in trouble”

“Yes. What else is wrong?”


He took her wine glass and set it on the table next to him, just far enough out of her reach.

“Hey!” she sat up and looked indignant.

“Tell me what’s wrong and you get the wine back”

“That’s blackmail!”

“Yes it is. So arrest me. What’s wrong?”

“I know where you keep your handcuffs.. I know where you keep the key”

“That is something we can definitely pursue later. Now tell me what’s wrong”

She gave him a dirty look but it was no use, he knew her far to well.

“They were happy and look what happened. What if that happens.. to us?”

“My pockets are sewn up tighter than a ducks backside or so you tell me. I won’t ever put us into that kind of debt”

She laughed despite herself “I know that.. but what if it’s something else…”

Life is never perfect. I’m amazed you’ve put up with me for as long as you have”

“So am I” they both laughed.

Eponine looked at her phone resting on the arm of the chair. No. She had to let them work it out themselves. But still..

Javert caught the look on her face and sighed an exaggerated sigh “Phone her then”

She kissed him and dialed the number. It rang out for a very long time. Just as she was about to hang up an unfamiliar voice answered.

“Who is that?”

“It’s Cinderella” the voice replied “Who is this?”

Oh no thought Eponine, this does not bode well. Javert retired to his office to make a call of his own. What was Valjeans number again..? Oh yes. 24601.

“Where on earth are they?” Rose tapped her fingers on the bar top. Their Grand Plan had been going so well until the two main participants had failed to show up. Numerous phone calls to the castle had ended with an engaged tone. Who on earth could they be talking to all this time? Carlos had finally conceded to go and get his mobile to text Charming. That seemed to be taking forever as well. What was it with men she wondered always taking three times as long as was needed to do a simple task.

Well at least the bar room looked good. Carlos had closed for the night so that Marius and Cosette could have the place to themselves. There were candles, soft lighting, romantic music all to provided a soothing atmosphere for them to discuss their troubles in a civilised manner. But when Carlos eventually returned with his phone, the reply from Charming soon put paid to that idea.

“Oh dear” Rose read the message and her heart sank.

“Oh dear indeed” Carlos tapped out a quick reply and put the phone down.

“Now what?”

“Well…” and he began to sing “There may be trouble ahead…”

Rose started to giggle then he caught her by the waist and led her into a waltz in between the tables, still singing.

“But while there’s music and moonlight and love and romance… Let’s face the music and dance”

The reason for the permanently engaged tone on the castle phone of course was Cinderella and Eponine’s rather long conversation. Depsite an awkward start, the two had warmed to each other. Cinderella finding Eponine’s honesty and concern for her friend refreshing. In return the younger woman found Cinderella to be a voice of reason. By the time the call was over both of them felt they could call the other friend.

“Better?” Javert had been making a call of his own. Well and truly sticking his nose in but sometimes it was necessary and this was one of those times. He’d tried with out success to convince Valjean he was only concerned with Cosette’s welfare. That bloody man had seen straight through it though and he’d had to admit he was doing it for Eponine as well. It had got the desired result however so he didn’t mind too much.

“Not really” Eponine sighed “Things aren’t going well”

“I gathered as much so I made a call of my own.. for reinforcements”

Eponine span round “You called Valjean?”

Javert nodded “Desperate times..”

“Call for desperate measures..” she put her arms round his neck “I love you”

“I love you too…”

“But I’m placing you under immediate arrest” she grinned

“On what charge?”

“Sticking your nose into other peoples business” she reached into her pocket “I have handcuffs too…”



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  1. vswamp27

    Thanks you Karen, enjoyed Chapter 6 much.. Who was Carlos dancing with. I had seen it before but cannot remember who it was dancing with him.

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