Review Erasure – The Violet Flame

This latest album from Erasure shows without doubt that Erasure are well and truly on top of their game. Proof if it were needed that they are the masters of classy pop music. As a singer Andy Bell can do no wrong in my eyes at the moment, his solo album iPop is fabulous. He’s had critical acclaim for his one man show Torsten The Bare Back Saint which he performed at the Edinburgh Festival earlier this year.  Vince Clark is simply a genius.

Stand out tracks are… well.. all of them to be honest. They deserve hours and hours of radio play, though whether they will get it remains to be seen.

When I mention Erasure to people, they ask me “are they still around?”

YES they are. And sounding better than ever.

Track List Disc One The Violet Flame

Dead of Night




Be The One


Under The Wave

Smoke and Mirrors


Stayed a little late tonight

Now listening to the live CD disc 2 in the set of three.

Brilliant. Just brilliant! Some real old stuff on there!

Track List Disc Two Live At Short Circuit


Fingers and Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day)

Heavenly Action


Ship Of Fools

Victim of Love


Chains of Love


Blue Savannah

A Little Respect


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