Back to School – Mummy’s point of view

Towards the very end of last term, right before we went on holiday to Majorca I found out that Sir wasn’t happy at school. It was a small incident at the sports day that made me suddenly sit up and realise that maybe all was not right with my little boy.  I followed my hunch and made a phone call to the school a couple of days later. I spoke to his teacher and it seems I was right, he wasn’t happy and worse he hadn’t been happy for the whole school year…

And I hadn’t known. Massive Mummy Fail.

The main problem was that there wasn’t one discernible cause. It was lots of things. He’d been in a class of 8 kids with the same teacher for three years. Now he was in a class double that size, with a teacher he didn’t know and kids whose abilities were poles apart. Who all needed teaching in different ways.

There was a lot of building work going on at the school, as a result his favourite ‘bit’ of the classroom was being used for storage and he couldn’t go in there.

His teacher was off sick for a while, a teaching assistant left.

He had a massive growth spurt, he is now a pre teen… God help me.

And Sir did not like any of it.

Because he goes to school on the bus, I don’t get the ‘school gate’ like I do with Madam, because he couldn’t tell me and the school never thought to write anything in his diary I didn’t get to find out.

Fast Forward six weeks…

Sir is in a new class with six kids who all have similar abilities, there is one teacher – who he knows- and three teaching assistants. They will follow a more Sensory Curriculum, doing activities that help with day to day stuff like dressing, good behaviour and so on. Apparently they will also go horse riding!

Already this week he has had a foot spa and massage. Yesterday he had a party!

He has settled in well and is a lot happier. My little – well, not so little- boy is back to his old self.

However I am still keeping my eye on things. I have regular messages from his teacher in his school diary and I shall be watching his mood. I don’t intend to take my eye off the proverbial ball again.

But so far so good. Lets hope it stays that way.



7 thoughts on “Back to School – Mummy’s point of view

  1. Dana

    Think that you’re too hard with yourself dear Cutie friend!
    You’re a loving mom for your both kids so, that little accident let’s call it that way, shouldn’t throw you in a black corner.
    It’s good that your young man get’s himself back and as i know you, you’ll be like an eagle, watching over my Smurfs to be everything in order for both!
    Maybe you should ask for a massage too! lol

    Big hugs for you all!!!

  2. vswamp27

    Aw, I am surprised he did not try to not get on bus if he as that unhappy. Just thankful that this year seems like it will be a lot better. Hugs to Sir and you xxxxxx

  3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are a very loving and conscientious mother. You always do your best for both your children. He is happy now and you are receiving regular reports from the teachers. Well done – you deserve a medal.

  4. So glad he’s settled back in school, The sensory approch is a great one as is horseriding I did it for a while loved it! something about horses i find relaxing, also life skills are important good behaviour also for when he does leave, his teacher has their head screwed on my teacher was a stupid cow who should never have taught, I hated school anyway but she didn’t help things .

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