A Decade of Sir….

Now that sounds scary doesn’t it? It did when I thought about whilst doing my ironing earlier.. but it’s true. Yesterday was his 10th birthday. And 10 years is a decade. For someone who normally equates decades with music eras.. the 80’s… the 90’s they were my time anyway.. it was quite a shock.

He has come quite a way in those 10 years. From a little boy who never said a word and we feared never would to a non stop chatterbox who can quote entire episodes of Postman Pat. Who has my dry sense of humour and musical taste whilst being a computer whiz like his Dad. It’s been said many times but there is a very very clever boy in there and of late he’s being making his way out a lot more.

We are pretty certain he can read.. in fact we’ve thought that for a long time. Not that he’d let you know he could of course.  He adores his sister. The little girl whose arrival really shook his world is now his best friend and partner in crime. No one makes him laugh the way she does.

And that’s another thing. His laugh. Absolutely filthy! like a drain 😀 sometimes he laughs so much no sound comes out.  He’s a proper little charmer whom everyone loves. Once met never forgotten.

Whilst some of the problems we had with him have gone away or lessened they are replaced by new ones. I am finding it difficult to imagine a day when he doesn’t throw his shoes. He hates the dentist, he has yet to have a check up. He isn’t toilet trained and is now protesting at being changed. Yes I have told him what the easiest solution to that is. I got a dirty look…

Now he is able to voice some of his opinions, he is getting prone to arguing. He is a very tall, very stocky lad so making him do anything he doesn’t want to is out of the question. We have to negotiate.

Yesterday he went up to his room to listen to music. Just like any 10 year old would do.

Not every 10 year old would put his favourite CDs in his bed alongside his cuddly toys though. Bless him. I did take them out.

I do wonder what the next 10 years will hold for him.. you read horror stories of care homes that don’t care and the ones that do close down through lack of funding. Places at appropriate collages disappear, I cannot see him ever leaving home, I don’t know if he’ll be able to find a job.

Will he still get strange looks from people in the street or will attitudes towards people with learning disabilities have changed by then?

I sincerely hope so.. but with people still freely using the word retard as an insult or “special needs” as I saw recently one does have to wonder.

But whatever happens he will still be my Little Boy, however tall he gets.



10 thoughts on “A Decade of Sir….

  1. vswamp27

    This has brought tears to my eyes even tho’ I am smiling.

    You just smashed one of my mind’s pictures. I did picture Sir as being tall but stick thin–I do not know where that mental picture came from as you have never given me that idea.

    Karen what a lovely tribute to your son. And it has made me wish I could meet him. Know that won’t happen so through your words will have to be my way to get to know him.

    I guess, and probably like you and Martin, wish I could see/know what is going on in his mind. We may be very surprised.

    Thanks for this insight into the life of Sir.

  2. Dana

    Well dear Cutie friend Karen, you proved me once more, if would have been necessary that you’re a great mom for your kids!
    You made me cry, but also brought a smile on my face when you mention about Sir’s hate for dentist. n a sec, i just saw YOU on that chair! lol
    I know what future will bring you over 10 years…a smart young man who’ll make you and hubby proud of!
    As for my Smurfette, she is a doll! I know that she loves his big brother and also know that your love for both helps them a lot to develop as mature people.
    You have all my admiration for that my dear friend!


  3. Karen what a lovely tribute to your son but it also shows what a wonderful mother you are and how much you love and care for both your children. The next 10 years will bring lots of happiness, maybe some heartache but at the end of it all you will have two lovely young people although to you they will always be your babies. Congratulations to you and your children. Love Linda

  4. Karen, this made me cry and made me smile. You love your kids so much and unconditionally……..what a fabulous mum you are! And what fabulous kiddies you have. Kids are kids no matter their struggles and challenges…..so that makes us love them too. Big hugs for all of you and a special one for Sir Sir. ❤️ Miss T.

  5. Cynthia Shepherd

    Oh dear Karen……after reading that I just welled up…….Its a grand job you are doing with Sir and you will get your rewards in heaven…..I admire you greatly and envy your courage as it must be so hard for you from day to day…..Don’t change Karen you are a remarkable mom and twitter friend.
    Hugs to you all
    Cynthia xx

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