Chapter Two Time To Say Goodbye

Hook & Tinkerbell’s wedding

From every window unfurls my heart the heart that you have won. Into me you’ve poured the light, the light that you found by the side of the road.

Hook stood at the bow of The Black Rose watching the sun rise. Orange and yellow light glistened and rippled over the ocean. He had been unable to sleep, so leaving Tinkerbell sound asleep in their bed he had made his way to the docks and to his ship.

In his pocket was a letter he had received the previous day, it was from Cruella’s solicitor informing him of her death. Also she had left a provision for him in her will, and could he arrange an appointment with them as soon as possible.

He thought he’d heard the last of her the day she walked out of Fernando’s and although he didn’t want to admit it the news of her passing had shaken him somewhat. The fact that he was mentioned in her will meant nothing to him. Tomorrow he would call the solicitor and tell him to whatever he pleased with whatever it was, he wasn’t interested. Nor would he be going to the funeral. He thought about calling Jekyll to see if he had heard the news but it was far too early. Jekyll would be asleep, or Hyde would be out on the prowl. He had no desire to speak to him. As it turned out he had no choice in the matter.

James” a gruff voice behind him said. Hook didn’t bother turning round he knew who it was.

Edward. How the hell did you get on board my ship?”

Walked up the gangplank same as everyone else”

What do you want Hyde? What have you done this time?”

Hyde rested his elbows on the wooden rail next to Hook “Nothing. I heard about Cruella. Wanted to offer my condolences”

Hook just stared at him.

You know, they’ll start looking for that ring again. Word is folks think that she left it to you in her will. People will start asking questions”

She didn’t leave me the ring. I have the ring” Hook replied flatly “here” he tapped his coat pocket.

James you need to get rid of it. You keep it and it’ll bring nothing but trouble. Does Tinkerbell know you have it?”

Hook nodded “Yes she does”

Hyde looked him square in the eyes “Then you really need to get rid of it. Or if you want I’ll do it for you”

No” he shook his head “I’ll get rid of it”

Fair enough, but you’re getting married in a few hours, who do you intend to to take it too?”

Hook smiled “Edward I don’t intend to take it to anyone” and with that he took the ring box from his pocket, drew his arm back and threw the box as hard as he could.

It hit the ocean with a small splash and disappeared.

Tinkerbell woke to find Hook gone from their bed. She got out and found her bathrobe. The house was cold, she looked at the clock 5:30am, the sun was just coming up. She padded downstairs and into the kitchen to make herself some tea.

Just as she was heading into the living room the phone began to ring.


I have an overwhelming desire to tell you I love you” said the voice on the other end.

Tinkerbell smiled “James, where are you?”

On the ship, Hyde turned up only now he’s fallen asleep. I think Jekyll is coming back. At least I know he’ll be here on time”

James what’s happened? I’m not stupid I know something is wrong”

She heard him sigh “James?”

I’ll tell you after the wedding Tink, when we’re alone and we can talk properly. Out in the middle of the ocean on the way to our honeymoon”

Honeymoon?? You said you didn’t..”

I know what I said. I have to go, Dustin has just got here. I love you” and the phone went dead.

What was he up to now she wondered as she sipped her tea. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Cinderella and Belle, they had both had bags with dresses, make up and shoes in them.

Who’s getting married in the morning? Ding dong the bells are gonna chime” they sang as she opened the door.

Tinkerbell burst into tears. Cinderella and Belle looked at each other and then at their friend “Hey” said Belle “I didn’t think our singing was that bad”

Both women dropped their bags and went to comfort her.

I’ll make more tea” said Cinderella

Put something other than milk and sugar in it” Belle called after her.

I was going to” came the reply from the kitchen.

Belle took Tinkerbell into the living room and lit the fire. “There, now Tink what on earth is the matter?”

Tinkerbell wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and began to tell her friends how Hook had been gone when she woke up and about the phone call.

No one noticed the number of small lights that had followed them in through the door. Until just as Tinkerbell finished her story, one of them landed with a thump on the coffee table in front of her. The fairy at the centre of it had silver hair, a full figure and blazing eyes. It also had a very loud voice.

Now you listen to me young lady. I assume because that man is going marry you he loves you. So whatever took him from your bed this morning must have been important. If he’s said he’ll tell you then he will, men need their space some times. He sounds a bit like your father God rest his soul. Now come down to my size and give me a hug”

Belle and Cinderella stared open mouthed but Tinkerbell broke into a wide grin

Hello Mum”

With the help of Sylvia – Tinkerbell’s Mum- and the rest of her family, the ladies were ready in no time at all. When Cinderella’s dress wouldn’t quite fit over the small bump that was starting to show, Sylvia used “an old Fairy trick” to expand the dress slightly so that it looked perfect.

The bridesmaids dresses were knee length, strapless and in a dusky lilac colour. The skirts were slightly “floaty”. Both wore their hair up and several of the fairies wove flowers. Tinkerbell wore a white, backless dress with a fishtail floor length skirt. She wore her hair down, again with intricate flowers seamlessly woven through. And a sprinkling of “fairy sparkle” that made her glitter in the sunlight.

Carriages arrived to take the small party to the docks. In one, pulled by Fred sat Beast, Charming and Carlos, who was accompanied by Belle’s school friend Rose. She was also treated to a small amount of “fairy sparkle”. The smile on Carlos’ face said it all.

The other carriage, pulled by Midnight was for the bridal party. All of Tinkerbell’s family rode in there as they were so small, and everyone stopped to look as the sparking carriage went past.

There were no other guests, apart from Jekyll who was Hook’s Best Man and Dustin who would be conducting the service. They had only wanted a small wedding with only their very closest friends and family.

As the carriages pulled up next to The Black Rose, Hook’s crew snapped to attention and formed a guard of honour alongside the carpet that went from the dock, up the gangplank and onto the ship.

Beast, Charming, Carlos and Rose made their way up first and took their places in front of the smaller at the bow of the ship.

Tinkerbell escorted by her whole family walked slowly up the gangplank and the full length of the ship as the crew stood and saluted her.

She took her place next to Hook and Dustin began to speak.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Fairy Folk. We are gavvered ‘ere today, to join togevver ‘Ook and Tinkerbell in the ‘Oly State of Matrimony. Do we ‘ave the rings?”

We do indeed” said Jekyll reaching into his pocket and handing over the rings to Hook with a small smile.

‘Oo gives this woman to be married to this man?”

We do!” Tinkerbell’s family chorused, and Hook placed her hand in his.

Do you Captain James ‘Ook take Tinkerbell to be your lawful wedded wife?”

I do” replied Hook and he slipped the ring onto Tinkerbell’s finger.

Do you Tinkerbell take Captain James ‘Ook to be your lawful wedded ‘Usband?”

I do” smiled Tinkerbell.

Then by the power invested in me I now pronounce you ‘usband and wife. You may kiss the bride”

So to cheers and loud applause Hook did exactly that.

Hooks crew took care of all the refreshments so Carlos was free to enjoy his date with Rose. It had been quite some time since he had enjoyed the company of a women in the quite the way he enjoyed being with Rose. When she and Belle had disappeared to find a Ladies Room in one of the taverns near the dock, Beast had sidled up next to Carlos and whispered “Make sure you keep hold of this one.”

Carlos smiled “I intend to” he whispered back. Beast clapped him on the shoulder and then went in search of another glass of wine.

Although the Wedding Party was only small it went on till late at night, with Tinkerbell’s family providing traditional Fairy music to dance and sing to.

When all of their guests had departed, Hook ordered his crew to leave the ship for the night and come back in the morning “The cleaning up can wait” was all he’d said. The crew didn’t argue, grateful for the unexpected chance to spend time with their families.

Hook and Tinkerbell were completely alone on the grand tall ship. He took her hand and led her to the middle of the deck. Then he began to sing, his rich voice rang out through the night as he danced with her “Have I told you lately that I love you?…”

As if a switch had been flipped the stars seemed to come out in the sky all at once and moonlight danced on the ocean waves.

When he had finished his song, he kissed her hand and led her below deck to the bedroom that was now theirs. And as the waves gently rocked the boat he loved her until they both fell asleep.


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