Chapter One Master of The House


This story is set after “Time To Say Goodbye” which I would post if I could find it….. 😕

Master of the House.

Welcome Monsieur, sit yourself down. And meet the best Innkeeper in town”

Escaped for a while?” Carlos set a glass on the bar top as Cinderella took a stool and sat down. She let out a sigh. Prince Charming had been away for the night, travelling to the docks so he could meet his friend who would be staying with them for a couple of days. Their normally well behaved children had chosen that night to grow horns and tails. As soon as her husband had set foot in the door she had handed over two wriggling toddlers and a three year old having a temper tantrum. She informed him that she would be in the bath until further notice.

Two hours and a glass of wine in the bath later she had emerged feeling much better. She peeked into the children’s rooms to find them in bed, fast asleep, with clean pyjamas, clean faces and cups with the remains of warm milk in them. Daddy had obviously been very busy whilst she had been relaxing.

She went into the kitchen and found three bottles missing from the wine rack. Raised voices were coming from the living room.

She closed her eyes. Charming had said their visitor would be a “surprise darling”… not that she had anything against her husband’s friend providing they didn’t drink together.

She steeled herself, left the kitchen and opened the living room door.

Cinderella!! How lovely to see you again! How are you my dear?”

I’m fine” her voice was muffled by the man’s jacket as he gave her a bear hug.

How is Marius?” Carlos’ voice bought Cinderella back to the present and she rolled her eyes at him.

His normal self. He and my husband were engaged in their usual pissing contest when I left”

Carlos grinned, as much as he liked Marius, the man did tend to go on a bit about “the revolution” and his part in it. Which in reality hadn’t amounted to much as it had never actually happened. And it wound Charming up something rotten. Carlos wondered if Marius did it deliberately since it seemed to have the same effect every single time, leaving poor Cinderella with a very sulky husband.

Maybe he should suggest Charming bring Marius to Fernando’s. It would be nice to see him again, if Hook and Beast were there, Marius might be less inclined to start running off at the mouth. If he got Hook to bring Dustin with him, they would be guaranteed a very quiet night.

The truth behind the revolution had been a lot happier and a lot less dramatic than the show, but of course happy people and no drama does not make for a very good musical.

The students had indeed built their barricade and faced off against the National Guard. However the infamous bloodbath was averted when Valjean had stormed behind the barricades wanting to know just what on earth they thought they were doing. He’d calmed them down and extracted a promise from Javert that no charges would be pressed if they surrendered their guns. It helped of course that Valjean had rounded up all the wives and girlfriends to back him up. He had made it quite clear to Marius how unhappy he would be if his “Little Cosette” ended up with a broken heart. This had been further emphasised by Cosette’s mother Fantine who had given Marius what could only be described as “a look”. Valjean and Fantine were quite the power couple, the students knew better than to argue with them.

One of the soldiers guns fired accidentally, the bullet had grazed Eponine’s arm. Javert had gone ballistic at the man concerned. He tended to her wound and visited her frequently to make sure she was okay. The couple were married a year later. Valjean had been the best man and Cosette was maid of honour.

Carlos poured Cinderella a large glass of wine “Why don’t you suggest that Charming bring him here tomorrow night?”

I’d already thought of that, get them both out of my hair for a while” she grinned.

Get who out of your ‘air for a while? That ‘usband of yours?”

Dustin! When did you get here?” Cinderella got off her stool so she could give her amphibious friend a hug.

Earlier today, I’ve been to visit ‘Ook, Tinker Bell and the Little ‘Un. Thought I’d pop in ‘ere and see ‘ow Carlos was”

It’s nice too see you again Dustin” smiled Carlos “Don’t leave it so long next time”

I’ll try not to, but you know ‘ow it goes” the big crocodile turned to Cinderella “So, where is ‘e then?”

His friend Marius is staying with us for a couple of days”

That says it all” replied Dustin dryly.

Since it was quiet Carlos got himself a coffee and joined his friends in front of the bar. They sat at one of the bigger tables so Dustin would have some room. He soon had them in gales of laughter recalling tales of the escapades he and Hook had got up to in their younger days.

You are making that up!” gasped Carlos, his sides hurting.

I swear it’s true!” grinned Dustin with a gleam in his eye.

What’s true?” a voice boomed from the doorway.

Hello Hook” chorused Carlos and Cinderella

‘Ello ‘Ook” said Dustin

Cwocodile!” cried the small boy in Hooks arms who was desperately trying to free himself from his fathers grasp “Wanna wide the cwocodile again!”

Dustin let out an exaggerated sigh and Carlos sniggered “Been busy today have we Dustin?”

Hook sat down with his son “Joseph leave Dustin alone. He’s given you rides all day”

Joseph James looked at his father “Pwease Daddy”

Cinderella and Carlos exchanged a smile, both of knowing full well that in about ten minutes time Joseph would probably get his wish. Dustin was nowhere near as ferocious as he looked, he was a real gentle giant.

Hook adored his son who was the image of him, a shock of jet black hair and huge brown eyes.

You want a drink” asked Carlos

Coffee please, sit still Joseph. So, where’s Charming?

Marius has come to visit, actually I should get back. Lord knows what they’ve been up to whilst I’ve been here. I just hope they haven’t disturbed the kids…” and with that she bid her friends goodbye.

Carlos put Hook’s coffee down on the table and as the tired Captain reached for the cup, his lively son made his bid for freedom, successfully sliding off his father’s lap and landing on his backside.

He toddled over to Dustin and plonked himself on the crocodiles back “Wide pwease!” he cried.

So Dustin set off round the bar room as the young boy squealed with excitement.

I give up” smiled Hook “So, Marius is visiting, do you think he’ll pop in here?”

I did suggest that, give Cinders a bit of break from the bickering”

I’ll tell Beast and Belle, we can all meet here tomorrow, if you don’t mind all the kids being here”

Of course I don’t bloody mind!”

A little voice from a little person riding a big crocodile began to sing “Bwoody mind! Bwoody mind!”

Oops” said Carlos trying not to laugh.


2 thoughts on “Chapter One Master of The House

  1. vswamp27

    Do not know where I was when you posted this Chapter. Having to use the ole thinking cap to put people in my mind –who is who and what is their relationship to the story, I am sure I will figure it out. Liking the beginning.

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