Blood Brothers trailer

Can’t wait to see this in October!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Blood Brothers trailer

      1. Enjoy the show. I first saw the show in the previews with the original London cast and have been hooked ever since. I didn’t get to see the show when it was in Sunderland in February and the rest of the run is a little bit too far away from where I live. I am seeing Il Divo in Birmingham in October but only because I am in Derby on the 17/18 October. You wil have a wonderful time when you get to see Blood Brothers in October.

      2. We had a trip from school to see the original production.. but for some reason I didn’t go. Years later I went with a friend and I saw it about 4 or 5 times after that. Then it seemed to disappear. I love the music, I have the original soundtrack on CD 😀

      3. I have also seen it four or five times. I love the music and also have the original soundtrack but mine is a LP and a cassette. I think I may invest in the CD. I love music which probably is because my mam played lots of music and watched lots of musicals when I was young. There was always music in the house. Dad used to play the piano for dancing in his younger days. I am going to see some flamenco dancers this evening in Newcastle. It is part of the Vamos festival whcih started today.

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