Days of Roses Epilogue


20 years later

Carlos and Catherine watched their grandson dance with his girlfriend at her 30th Birthday party. He had grown from a shy young boy into a good looking man who had found “the one” two years ago when he auditioned for the part of Marius in the latest revival of “Les Miserable”. He had lost the part but found the love of his life. And tonight he intended to ask her to be his wife. He didn’t have a ring to propose with but he didn’t see that as a big problem. Papa Carlos and his Grandmother however thought very differently.

You cannot ask Maria to marry you without a ring Dylan! It is not done” Carlos had told him sternly.

Oh Papa Carlos! It isn’t so important these days” Dylan had tried not to laugh at the indignant look on Carlos’ face.

Bah! Young people today! You have no sense of romance.”

Catherine had looked at her husband and although she tried not to, she’d started laughing.

Sit down Dylan, Papa Carlos and I have something for you”

Dylan had done as he was told, watching as his Grandmother opened her bag and taken something out. It was a ring box.

Dylan, Papa Carlos gave me this ring twice. The first time I turned it down and it sat in a safe for nearly forty years. Then Papa Carlos found it and it sat in his safe until we were reunited..”

Grandma I can’t take your ring!” Dylan had interrupted her.

You can and you will. This ring has been hidden away long enough. It deserves to be worn, and with my arthritis I can’t get it on any more.”

I don’t know what to say” stammered Dylan “Thank you..”

What you say” Carlos stood and pulled Dylan up with him “is that Maria is your life, that you cannot live without her and would she do you the honour of agreeing to become your wife”

Dylan laughed “Right. Got it” and he had made to leave.

Before you go” Carlos called “ Do me a favour will you?”

Anything Papa Carlos, what is it?”

Ask her when you are alone.”

So as the music finished Dylan whispered something in Maria’s ear and they went outside.

Remembering what Papa Carlos had told him, he made the perfect proposal and when she saw the ring Maria cried. When Dylan told her the story behind it they had both been in tears.

They had gone back to the party, announced their engagement and made a special thank you toast to Grandma Catherine and Papa Carlos.

And Carlos had sent a silent thank you to his own papa.

The End.

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Days of Roses Epilogue

  1. This was the first time for me. I really liked it. Though it’s sad to think of Carlos getting old. At least I won’t see it. Do we get the next chapter in the Smurfs now??? Still worrying about El Senor!!!

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