Days of Roses Chapter Eight


Chapter Eight.

Catherine cuddled just that little bit closer to the man who was lying next to her in bed. Who in turn put his arm just that little bit tighter around her.

Happy?” he whispered lightly kissing her cheek.

Very” she smiled “Very, very happy”

Good. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t be up to it, I’m an old man now”

She laughed “Not as worried as you were the very first time we did this and you weren’t quite so old old then.”

Dios! Don’t remind me! I have only been that nervous on one other occasion”


He silenced her with a kiss and a smile. “It’s okay, I’m not going to start another argument. Although the making up was certainly fun” his hand wandered down toward her hip “Do you think we should do some more?”

She turned to face him “Maybe, just be sure..if you’re certain you’re up to it..” although she didn’t really need to ask, she had felt him stir against her.

I might be old but I’m not dead yet” he muttered making a trail of kisses down her body. And proceeded to prove the point.

Sometime later, Catherine was no longer comfortably cuddled against Carlos, instead she was pinned by his weight to the bed as he tried to catch his breath.

Carlos I can’t breathe” she whispered harshly, trying to shove him off.

Neither can I” replied an exhausted Carlos refusing to budge.

They both started laughing and Carlos rolled them over that so he was on the bed. “Better?” he asked, his eyes were closed in contentment.

Much better thank you” she grinned at him “I can get up to all kinds of mischief now” and her hand wandered down his chest and over his stomach. His eyes flew open when it reached it’s destination.

Dios woman what are you trying to do me! I need at least an hour before I can do that again!”

You don’t need to do anything” she whispered as she slid her body off his and her mouth followed her hand. He let out an involuntary gasp and let himself surrender to her.

Neither of them heard the doorbell ring.

Nor did they hear the spare key turn in the lock, or the door get pushed open, bags put down or the thump as it got pushed shut. They never heard the footsteps going into the kitchen. They didn’t hear a voice call “Mum? Mum are you in?”

Susanna was puzzled. The car was on the drive, and there was another parked outside. She must have visitors then, maybe they are in the garden.

But as she neared the bedroom she heard something that made her stop in her tracks. A man’s voice. Carlos’ voice.. why was he in the bedroom? What was that he was saying? She took a couple more steps and heard all too clearly what it was he was saying. Over and over and over again.

Oh My God! She felt her cheeks start to burn and her hand flew to her mouth. Oh My God! She thought again. Mother! My own Mother! She wasn’t sure whether to laugh, cry or congratulate them. Well she couldn’t stay here, she was in danger of giving herself away Mum would be mortified if she knew had caught her.. well never mind what at but just that she had caught her.

She started to tip toe a retreat back down the hallway, trying to block out the noises that were following her. All she wanted was to get out of the house and leave them with their privacy. Then she remembered what her mother had done the first time she and Mark had thought they were alone together. It had been a standing joke in the family for years. A naughty smile crossed her face, she found a pen and paper, scribbled a note, stuck it to the kitchen cupboard and left.

Catherine was feeling rather proud of herself as once again she was cuddled against Carlos’ chest. “Not bad for a pair of old farts eh?” she grinned.

Speak for yourself” Carlos retorted “I am apparently still in my prime”

Excuse me Señor but I think that was all my doing. Or are you starting to lose your memory already?”

Who are you again?” he laughed and kissed her.

Do you remember we always used to talk about things that were on our minds when we were in bed?” she snuggled closer, they needed to talk.

Maybe I should have found a hotel room that day instead of taking you shopping”

Carlos, we need to talk about it, whilst we’re happy and you are too tired to argue with me”

Oh I see” he said in a mock offended tone “Wear the old bugger out first”

I would have told you. But everything happened so fast. One day we were looking at the ring and then it seemed that the next you were proposing. I’m so sorry Carlos, I know I broke your heart”

Catherine” he began wondering how she would take what he was about to say “You didn’t break my heart. The fact that our relationship didn’t survive did that. I was relieved when you said no. Very relieved”

But I though it was what you wanted? Carlos why didn’t you say?”

How was I supposed to tell you I was relieved you’d said no? You were so upset I couldn’t do it. I though I’d broken your heart as it was. I didn’t want to make it worse”

All this time we thought we’d broken each others hearts and we hadn’t. How stupid can two people be?” Catherine sighed.

Very apparently, but we don’t have to be stupid now. It would have been wrong back then. But it feels very right now” he kissed her again.

No more dwelling on the past then. Only the present and the future”

Sounds good to me”

So what does the future hold Carlos?” she asked looking up at him.

A thoughtful look crossed his still handsome face and then he grinned “Food I hope. I’ve worked up quite an appetite”

They showered and then dressed. “We ought to fetch that stuff in from the garden” Carlos nodded at the abandoned table “I don’t think we should leave it their all night”

You’re right. Then we can decide what we want to do about food. I can’t have you wasting away”

They went outside and gathered up the plates, cups and dishes with unfinished food. Carlos put the chairs under the table and they both went inside.

Neither noticed the note on the cupboard door as they washed up, disposed of the leftovers and put everything away.

Why don’t we go out to eat” suggested Carlos “You’ve already made one meal today”

We could go to the pub on the corner. It’s early so they won’t be busy”

And we can walk. As if I haven’t had enough exercise this afternoon” he grinned.


They grabbed their coats and headed out.

The pub was a cozy olde worlde place, with well cooked simple food. They talked as they ate. Catherine had a glass of wine but Carlos stuck to diet coke.

Why don’t you stay over then you can have a drink?” she suggested.

I don’t have any of my stuff with me. This afternoon rather surprised me” he admitted.

Oh” Catherine was a bit disappointed, she’d been looking forward to waking up with him.

Tell you what, why don’t we go back to yours, you can pack a bag and we’ll go back to mine. Then we’ll have that drink” he hoped she’d say yes.

She smiled “That would be lovely. I’d like that”

Then that is what we will do M’Lady” he grinned.

After the bill had been paid they walked slowly back to Catherine’s house arm in arm.

Back inside Catherine headed to the bedroom to pack an overnight bag and Carlos checked round the house making sure everything was locked that should be. As he went past the kitchen he spotted the note on the cupboard door. What’s that he wondered, putting on his glasses to read it. Dios! His face flushed a bright red “Catherine!!” he called.

What is it?” she asked appearing in the doorway, he handed her the note. She didn’t know it but the expression on her face was much the same as her daughters had been shortly before she wrote the note.

Dear Mum & Carlos” it read.

I am so pleased you two have found each other and have been able to express your love in such a passionate manner. However, do you think you might keep the noise level down a little? You wouldn’t want complaints from the neighbours would you?

Love Susanna

P.s Sorry Mum couldn’t resist. Love you both, am genuinely happy for you! xxx

The little Madam!!!” Catherine exclaimed before bursting into a fit of laughter.



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