Thoughts on Quirke

Before I started to write this I read a couple of reviews… and they didn’t like it.  The only good thing they had to say was about Gabriel Byrne’s acting.. which was first class and I defy anyone to say otherwise.

One reviewer raised what I thought were fair points about it being muddled, they flew over the book and if you hadn’t read it I can see you being a tad confused. The other one made a very derogatory remark about the actress Pauline Quirke.. whilst I’m not exactly a fan of hers, he deserves to lose his job. He then went on to make further remarks that I’m sure he thought were very funny… they weren’t.

Enough of him though.. and on to the BBC Sound Department who mucked up royally. I had to really turn the volume up to hear what was being said. Hope they sort it out for next week.

It was quite a dark drama both in storyline and the fact that there was no light anywhere. I can only assume that was due to the smoke of the  many cigarettes that were being lit up…

I thought the casting was superb, Nick Dunning, Michael Gambon, Geraldine Somerville, Stanley Townsend were all brilliant. The girl who played Phoebe did a fine job, making the character a lot less irritating than she is in the books. Loved the banter between Quirke and Insp Hackett. The hate between Quirke and his adoptive brother Malachy was palpable.

Gabriel Byrne was fabulous, the man can say so much with so few words. Such presence. Subtle. Intense. Funny.

One of a very small few who make walking down a corridor into a form of art.

Overall I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next two.

PS BBC if you decide to do close ups like this again.. please warn us first ❤




2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Quirke

  1. Ha that’s funny cause that’s the close up I have on my twitter. Jon’s gonna get it for me so I’ll get to see it also. And the sound was not good in the film he did with Rufus. I had a hell of a time hearing that one. Maybe it’s the same sound man on both.

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