Days of Roses – Chapter One

Back by popular demand then 😀 Must admit this is one of my favourites too


Chapter One.

Carlos stood at the window of the music room he rented on a weekly basis from the local university. It wasn’t the biggest or best furnished room but it was light, airy, seemed to always catch the sun and overlooked the grounds. It more than suited his needs. He put his hands on the small of his back and stretched. Somewhere within him something cracked. That didn’t sound good he thought, I’m getting old. Maybe an appointment with his Chiropractor was in order. He’d phone them later, in the meantime he had a new pupil to meet. A young boy by the name of … by the name of.. what was his name? He took the piece of paper with the details on from one pocket and his glasses from another. He put them on and the world swam into focus, although they didn’t help too much when he tried to read his scrawl. Should have been a Doctor he mused. Dylan. That’s it, Dylan Stevenson, aged 8 and according to his mother the star of the school choir.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door “Come in” he called. A woman and a very nervous young boy entered the room.

Hola! You must be Dylan and oh my god it’s you!” Carlos stopped dead in his tracks “I can’t believe it! I didn’t recognise you on the phone”

The woman smiled “Well now that’s some welcome Tio Carlos I must say. Don’t I even get a hug?”

Of course you do!” and he threw his arms round her to embrace her warmly then he held her away from him and looked her up and down.

Look at you all grown up and a mother too. The last time I saw you, you were fifteen and all arms and legs” he grinned.

She laughed “Well look at you too! Glasses, going grey, more lines than I remember too.”

That’s what happens when you get old Susanna” he smiled

You are not old!”

I am. I’m 65, that’s old”

Susanna laughed “You haven’t changed a bit” she indicated the young boy who was holding her hand very tightly “Dylan don’t be so nervous, this is Tio Carlos. I told you all about him remember?”

Dylan nodded and looked up at Carlos with huge blue eyes “Pleased to meet you Sir”

It’s Carlos not Sir” he replied kindly “Now then Dylan, lets hear you sing. Did you bring some music with you?”

Yes Sir er Carlos, here you are” and he handed over the sheets of music he had brought with him.

Excellente! Then lets begin” Carlos took the music and sat down at the piano. He began to play and young Dylan began to sing.

Susanna took a chair by the window and smiled encouragingly at her son.

When they were finished Carlos took his glasses off and shut the piano lid “You certainly have a talent Dylan, if you would like to learn how to use your voice properly I will be happy to teach you”

Yes please! Mommy can I? Can I have lessons? Can I really” he was practically bouncing up and down with excitement, a pleading look in his eyes.

I said if Carlos was happy to teach you then yes you could have lessons, now why don’t you go and get a bottle of water from that machine in the corridor whilst I talk to Carlos about your lessons”

Okay Mommy” and he disappeared to find a drink.

He’s very enthusiastic” Carlos laughed “Reminds me of you when you wanted horse riding lessons. You talked of nothing else for weeks, your poor mother, you drove her mad with it”

Yes I know, but she couldn’t afford it so I didn’t get them. Speaking of cost..”

Carlos raised his hands and shook his head “Cost is not something you have to worry about”

Carlos” she said firmly “I fully intend to pay you for your time”

And I fully intend not to let you. Put your money away”

Susanna stared hard at him, she’d expected this and her mother had warned her how stubborn he could be. He will feel some sort of silly obligation to me she’d told her and you’ll have a hell of a game getting him to change his mind.

Just because you and Mom..” she began but he cut her off

Your mother has nothing to do with this. Your son is very talented I want to teach him. I like him, I only charge people I don’t like”

And I want to pay like any other person would. I don’t need favours”

Their eyes locked neither wanting to give in until Carlos broke the silence “How is she? I heard about your father, I would’ve gone to the funeral but I was away. I’m sorry”

You don’t need to apologise, it was nearly 10 years ago now. She’s fine, she keeps busy and she dotes on Dylan”

I’m glad to hear it. I should call her, we haven’t spoken in years”

She’d like that, do you have her number?”

Probably..somewhere..maybe…” Carlos found himself making a very detailed study of the floor.

Susanna reached in her bag, moved the contents around, pulled out a card and handed it to him “Here it is”

Carlos stared at the card as if it might self destruct “Thank you” he mumbled

You are welcome, now Dylan and I must go, we have to pick my husband up from work and then we are going on holiday. Shall I call you when we get back to arrange the first lesson?”

Si that will be fine, Si..” he was still staring at the card.

Susanna gave him a hug, and a peck on the cheek.

Call her” she said firmly as she went out of the door



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