Chapter Seven Divos In Black


Chapter Seven

Agents Gee and Eff were waiting for them when the little party arrived back at MIB Headquarters.
Carlos, Seb, Urs and David got out of the car first and then pulled S’imon Co-we’ll out after them. David jammed the gun into Co-we’ll’s back again, and told him to “move” the others formed a tight guard around him.
“There’s no need for that, let him walk freely” barked Agent Eff “He won’t try anything in here”
David put the gun in his own waistband and the others moved away from Co-we’ll.
“Thank you Agent Eff. Agent Gee, long time no see” he smiled but there was neither warmth or humour in it.
Agent Gee glared at him, making no secret of his immense dislike of Co-we’ll. He and Agent Eff had discussed this whilst waiting for him to arrive. Eff would be the “good cop” Gee would be the “bad cop” and he had absolutely no problem whatsoever with that. In fact he was rather looking forward to it.
Eff turned to Co-we’ll “You will come with me and Agent Gee. We have things to discuss in private. You four go shower, change, get a coffee and something to eat. And take your time about it”
“But..” began Carlos
“We..” began Urs
“Surely…” began Seb
“After all..” began David.
“That’s an order!” said Eff sharply. Then he and Agent Gee escorted Co-we’ll further into the building and disappeared.

The four agents stood looking a bit bemused, hadn’t they just brought in S’imon Co-we’ll, one of the biggest, badass, evil geniuses in several universes only to be dismissed by a wave of a paw and told to “go shower”
“He pointed a bloody gun at my head!” stormed Carlos “I deserve a shot a questioning him”
“Where do you think they’re taking him” wondered Seb.
“And just what “things” do they have to discuss in private?” fumed David.
“I’m not altogether too sure I want to know to be quite honest” Urs had the feeling they would all be better off not knowing what Gee and Eff intended for Co-we’ll. Sometimes it was just better that way.
“Maybe you’re right” sighed Carlos calming down a little “Maybe we should just go do as he said”
The other three nodded and they headed off for the locker room.
After a shower, a change of clothes some food and coffee they decided to go and play pool in the recreation room. Downtime they thought was maybe a good thing after all.

Gee, Eff and Co-we’ll came to a stop outside a metal doorway deep in the bowels of MIB Headquarters. Eff placed his paw on an electronic pad and the door opened. Gee took Co-we’lls arm and marched him through the doorway, then he practicality threw him into a vacant chair “Sit down” he growled.
The door slammed shut behind Eff “Now, now Gee. Play nicely. So S’imon, how can MIB be of service to you today?”
“What?” replied Co-we’ll a little shocked after being flung across the room by Gee who was glowering at him.
“What do you want from us Cowell you piece of sh..”snarled Gee.
Agent Eff made an exaggerated sigh “Agent Gee, Mr Co-we’ll is our guest. Please show him the respect he deserves”
“Of course Agent Eff. My apologies Mister Co-we’ll. Where are my manners” Gee said curtly before grabbing him by the front of his T-Shirt and smacking him straight in the mouth. “That’s for pointing a gun at my agent, now then, what is it you want from us? Who are you hiding from? And what are you doing here on Earth?”
“Screw you Gee!” spat Co-we’ll “If that bunch of big girls blouses was the best you could send to spy on me then maybe I made a mistake in asking MIB for help. I won’t tell you a damn thing now”
He shot to his feet and stood toe to toe with Gee. The two men glared at each other. Eff went and stood at the side of them “That is ENOUGH. Gee that is not what we discussed, leave us. NOW”
Gee tried to steady his breath “Of course Agent Eff” and with that he slammed the palm of his hand against the keypad, the door opened and he stalked out of the room. The door shut with a thud behind him and when he felt he was far enough away from Eff and Co-we’ll he laughed so hard tears rolled down his face. He wished he could stay and see the look on Co-we’ll’s face when he saw what Eff had in store for him. But that wasn’t part of the plan. Maybe he’d go take a shower and get coffee himself. Then he’d go and find Cee, Dee, Ess and Yuu. They deserved a little something after all their hard work.

Eff gave Gee five minutes to get well clear of the room and then said to Co-we’ll “Follow me. We’ll get you cleaned up and then we can talk some more” and using his paw to activate the door they also left the room.
Taking a slightly different route to Gee, Eff led Co-we’ll down a series of corridors until they came to a door covered in signs that said “Private” and “Keep Out” and “Absolutely No Admittance”
“What on earth do you keep in here?” asked Co-we’ll. Eff smiled and knocked the door with his paw. “Are you sure you don’t want to tell me what you’re up to here on Earth?” he asked.
“Not until you agree to give me protection” replied Co-we’ll. Normally Eff would have agreed but he had dealt with Co-we’ll before. And the result had almost been disastrous. This time he wasn’t just going to take Co-we’ll’s word even though he knew all about the trouble he was in. And besides Co-we’ll was due some payback. “Okay” he said “Have it your way” the door opened and the dog motioned for Co-we’ll to enter the room.
“OOOOOOOOHHH!!!” exclaimed two excited voices “Are you Mr Cowell? We’re The Jedwards! The nice Agent Gee said he’d arrange for us to meet you and here you are! So tell us, who’s the most famous person in the world you’ve ever met?…”
“What the..!” exclamied Co-we’ll he turned just in time to see the door close and Eff was nowhere to be seen.
Outside the door Agent Cee, Agent Dee, Agent Ess and Agent Yuu took turns using the S.H.A.D.E.S
to look into the room and watch as the two goblin like Jedwards bounced around, talking non stop rubbish to Co-we’ll.
A cry of “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NO MORE” came over the C.U.R.Ls loud speaker
and the four men were helpless with laughter.



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