Chapter Six Divos In Black


Chapter Six

The door shut behind them and all seven of the deadlocks hidden inside bolted shut with a loud thud. The four agents swung round and made as if to charge at the door but Cowell stopped them dead in their tracks “Don’t even think about it” he said in an icy tone “sit down Gentlemen”.
The four men looked at each other, glared at Cowell and then did as they were told.
Cowell leaned against the edge of desk and folded his arms.
“I have a proposition for you. I know you are MIB agents. I know why you are here and I know either Agent Eff or Agent Gee can hear me. Which one is it?”
No one spoke.
“Come on, I know you can hear me, which one of you is it?”
Still no one spoke.
“Fine, if you won’t play nicely neither will I” he pushed himself away from the desk, and walked slowly round the back of the four agents until he reached Carlos. Then he reached into his waistband and in one fluid movement pulled out a gun with one hand, put his other arm tightly around Carlos’ neck and jammed the gun tight against his temple. The other three jumped from their seats but Cowell pulled the safety catch back “Sit.Down” he growled.
Carlos made an almost imperceptible nod, and the three men reluctantly sat back down.
“Now then” Cowell whispered harshly into the C.U.R.L “Tell me who is there or I’ll shoot him”

“No you won’t” Agent Eff’s voice came back at him “If you simply wanted to kill my agent he’d be dead by now. What do you want Cowell?”
“Asylum. Protection. I want to stay here on Earth and I want you to help me”
“Pointing a gun at my agent doesn’t inspire me to help you Cowell” Eff snapped. “Not after last time”
“I can make up for last time Eff, give me protection and I’ll give you anything you want or I’ll kill all four of them.”
Eff was furious both with Cowell and himself for allowing this situation to get as out of hand as it had. He turned his head as Agent Gee entered the control room “I just heard, what the hell happened Frank?”
“We need to get them out but if I send a team in we’ll end up with a repeat of last time and no one wants that.”
Agent Gee shook his head “No. That can’t be allowed to happen. What does he want?”
“Protection apparently” Eff replied “But he hasn’t said who or what from”
Agent Gee’s phone started to ring, he looked at the screen “Jedwards? What do they want? Hello.”
Two panic stricken voices came down the phone at him “Woah slow down…just slow down..”

Agent Gee listened intently with a serious look on his face “You’re sure, you…’t worry..we’ll send someone to bring you’ll be okay..don’t worry..bye”

“What was that about?” asked Eff, he wasn’t sure just how many more crises he could deal with today.
“The Jedwards know who Cowell is running from” replied Agent Gee “and they are scared stiff”
“Who is it?”
“The one they call HIM” said Gee gravely “Apparently Cowell has caused trouble for HIM and that’s why he’s here on Earth. He’s hiding”
Agent Eff thought for a moment and then pressed the button that let him talk via the C.U.RL
“Okay Cowell. Release my agents and I’ll send a car to bring all of you here. Quietly Cowell. No fuss. And that goes for the four of you too. No fuss, no heroics. That’s an order”
There was a tense silence before Cowells voice came back “Okay”
He reset the safety catch on the gun and put it back in his waistband. Then he let go of Carlos.
Carlos leapt to his feet and pulled his fist back ready to smack Cowell straight in the face, Seb also jumped up and caught Carlos’ arm “No heroics remember”
Carlos turned his head toward Seb “I’m not being a hero” he growled “I want to smash his face in”
“You can’t. We’re under orders come on”
Carlos lowered his arm “Okay. But he messed my bloody hair up. I won’t forget that in a hurry”
David was looking out of the window “The car is here”

Cowell moved toward the door and turned the handle. Nothing happened. He tried again and still nothing happened. He pulled and tugged and twisted and turned. Still nothing.
“Allow me” said Urs and he placed his G.L.O.V.E.S on the door. Seven bolts shot backwards and the door opened easily.
“Smartarse” muttered Cowell as he lead the way out of the office towards the elevator.
The five men walked in a tight huddle. That way none of Cowell’s employees noticed that David had taken the gun from Cowell’s waistband and had it jammed against his back. Or that Urs and Seb had a tight hold on his arms. The Boss had said no fuss, no heroics but they weren’t taking any chances. They bundled him into the waiting car and it sped off towards MIB Headquarters.
Where Agent Gee and Agent Eff had arranged a little surprise for Simon Cowell.



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