Chapter Four Divos In Black


Chapter Four

The four men approached the building with Seb directing them towards where he had seen the creature enter the building. However there was no obvious sign of a door. Seb thought he could see the faintest outline of something he ran his hands around the wall but nothing happened.
“Let me try” said Urs, he placed his hands on the wall where Seb’s had been. A sliding door suddenly opened. Carlos and David looked suitably impressed, Seb was a bit miffed the door hadn’t opened for him since he’d found it. But we have to work together he thought.
They filed into the building and stopped dead.
The reception area was enormous, far bigger than the one at MIB Headquarters and far more impressive. If Headquarters was about function and practicality, this place was opulence itself.
Chandeliers hung at regular intervals across the painted ceiling, which on it’s own would have made Michael Angelos’ work look like a slap of paint. A vast galleried staircase with red carpet down the centre was at the far end. The place reeked of money.
“What do we do now?” whispered David. Carlos activated his curl and motioned for David to stand in front of him “Make it look like you’re talking to me”
David nodded and began acting as if they were having an in depth conversation. The line crackled in Carlos’ ear “Yes Agent Cee?”
“We’re in the building. We need further instructions”
Agent Eff’s voice came back at him “Okay, according to our intelligence you need to approach the receptionist and tell her who you are. Ask for Cowell directly. Don’t worry, you won’t get to see him. He’ll send one of his staff”
“Understood. Agent Cee out” replied Carlos.
“So?” asked Urs “What did they say?”
“We go and introduce ourselves to the receptionist apparently”

Elsewhere Agent Gee would’ve happily given up a weeks pay to have swapped places with his four agents. What on earth had possessed him to volunteer to go and question The Jedwards? Why hadn’t he delegated the job to a junior operative? He pulled to a stop a the edge of a forest known as the Dead Woods and got out of the car. He hadn’t even shut the door when two goblin like figures leapt out from either side of the path. “Heeelllloooo” they chorused “Ooohh it’s Agent Gee. We like Agent Gee. How are ya Agent Gee”
Gee closed his eyes and sighed “I’m very well thank you. I wonder if I could ask you something”
“Is it important Agent Gee? We love important things Agent Gee!”
“Simon Cowell” Gee began “What do you know about him?”
The Jedwards froze and began talking in animated whispers to each other. Agent Gee couldn’t catch all of the conversation. Eventually they appeared to arrive at a decision turned to face Gee.
“He wants to see us, wants us to enter the Eurovision Song Contest. Said he’d arrange for us to win”
“Eurovision? That means he must want to interfere with European politics. But why?”
“We don’t know, we didn’t know what to do. We can’t sing, we can’t dance” The Jedwards wailed.
“Oh don’t worry about that you’ll fit right in. Tell him yes and let me know everything you find out” Gee replied sombrely.

Agent Eff was in his office when Gee arrived back from his chat with The Jedwards. Gee knocked on Eff’s door and the dog motioned him to come in. Gee sat down and told Eff all about Cowell’s plan to enter The Jedwards into the Eurovsion Song Contest.
“We will need to keep them in the contest as long as possible. We can set up some fake social networking sites to help us influence people to vote for them. Get some of the techie bods on it right away”
“Will do. Have you ever actually used Twitter or Facebook Frank?” Gee asked
“Well no,  I haven’t” replied Frank rather sheepishly “Can you show me?”
Agent Gee got up and went round to Eff’s computer, he fired up one of the fake Twitter accounts that MIB already had. He pointed at the screen “You just type in whatever is on your mind”
“Okay..” said Eff and he began to mentally compose a meaningful statement for his first ever Tweet.
Just at that moment a very junior agent burst into the office without knocking. In his hands was a bowl of water for Agent Eff. He had been so eager to please his boss, he wasn’t looking where he was going and tripped over the chair that Gee had just vacated. The water bowl flew in the air and it’s contents landed all over Eff’s desk. There was silence and then Agent Eff, Frank the Pug MIB composed his first ever tweet.
Gee looked at the screen and he burst out laughing “Frank!” he exclaimed “You can’t tweet that!!”



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