Chapter Two – Divos In Black


Who remembers the “special equipment”?

Chapter Two

“Gee, my office now” the dog barked and disappeared back into the other room. Agent Gee duly followed and closed the door behind him.
The dog had hopped up onto a chair behind his desk, he motioned with his paw for Agent Gee to sit down. Gee looked at the dog and asked “So what now?”
The dog sighed “Honestly Gabriel I have no idea”
Gee was a bit surprised at the dog’s use of his actual name, but they had known each other a long time and had a mutual professional respect as well as a personal one.
“I can’t do it Frank, not after last time. Apart from the fact it nearly killed me, he knows who I am”
Frank nodded “You’re right, and I understand. What do you suggest?”
Gee was quiet for a moment before he said “What about those four?”
Frank nearly fell off his chair “You are kidding me? They’re four rookies! No way. I need experienced agents for this one”
“Maybe not this time” Gee leaned forward slightly “Maybe we can send them in undercover. As singers. Co-we’ll has reinvented himself as a music mogul. We could send them as a group”
Frank scratched his ear thoughtfully with his back leg “It might work. They can sing. Okay we’ll do it. Take them to the equipment room and get them kitted out”

Agents Dee, Cee, Ess and Yuu stood in a line and listened whilst Agent Gee explained the various pieces of ultra Hi Tech equipment they would each be given.
“Agent Dee” he said “You will take these. He opened a small box to reveal a pair of hooped earrings.
“But they’re earrings” Dee replied “What good will earrings do?”
“Make you look pretty” laughed Agent Cee and the others sniggered. A sharp look from Gee made them shut up.
“These” he said “are Ear Radio Intelligence & Navigation Guidance Systems. Ear R.I.N.G.S for short. You will be able pick up signals from over 2000 radios and every GPS satellite that happens to be in the area. You will be able to hear everything and everyone. And you will be able to find the whereabouts of any given person or alien at any given time.”
“Oh” said Dee and put them in his ears “WOW. That is so cool!”
Gee shook his head and continued “Agent Cee, you will take this” and he handed over another small box. Inside was what looked like a black curl of hair “What the..” said Cee in surprise.
“This” said Gee “is a Covert Universal Radio Link or C.U.R.L. The signal is completely untraceable. You will use it to keep Agent Eff and I informed of your progress and also to request back up should you need it”
“But where do I put it?” Cee looked puzzled until Gee produced a pair of scissors and without hesitation cut of the existing piece of hair from Cee’s head. “You put it there” he said flatly.
The other three Agents were speechless with laughter but again a stern look from Gee made them go quiet. Sort of.

Agent Gee then turned his attention to Agent Yuu. He handed him a pair of tan coloured leather driving gloves. “But these are..” Yuu began.
“Global Lock Opening Vehicle Entry Systems or G.L.O.V.E.S. They can open any lock on any door, safe or window. They will also disable any alarm system and will override the security on any vehicle” Everyone looked suitably impressed.
“Now then Agent Ess, for you I have these” and Gee produced a pair of sunglasses that looked exactly like the ones Ess already had. Before Ess could speak Gee continued “These are S.H.A.D.E.S. Or to give them their correct title Surface Heat And Density Evaluation Systems. Basically X Ray specs with bells on. Not only will you be able to see through walls, but round corners, and over distances as well.”
Ess put them on and looked about “Ooh I can see inside the locker room from here!”
Agent Gee sighed, I hope I know what I’m doing he thought.

“Right then, this is your brief. You will pose as a Multi National Opera group. Your code name will be Il Divo. As individuals you will revert to your birth names. From now on you are no longer Agents Dee, Cee, Ess and Yuu but David, Carlos, Sebastian and Urs. You will infiltrate Co-We’lls organization, and find out everything you can about it, him, his employers, his friends, any aliens he may have working there. Everything. And you will report back to either myself or Agent Eff. Do not underestimate Co-We’ll he’s extremely dangerous and very powerful. Do not attempt to confront him no matter what you find out. You are only there to gather intelligence, do you understand?”
“Yes Sir” they chorused.
“Okay then, but just remember be careful, he cannot know that you are MIB Agents. Is that clear?”
The four men nodded.
“Everything else you need to know is in these folders, there is one each, please take one and read it carefully. There cannot be any mistakes.” and with that he left the room.

The four Agents looked at each other “Then lets get this show on the road” said Dee.

Agent Eff and Agent Gee stood on the platform that overlooked the main terminal area of the MIB Headquarters. They were watching the incoming and outgoing aliens that passed through. Creatures of every shape, size and description milled about the vast floorspace. Some were queuing to get through Immigration, some were sitting waiting to depart, some were buying Duty Free items.
“Where did he get through Gabriel” Frank said quietly “He didn’t come through here. He must have had help from somewhere but who?”
“I’ve wondered that, do you want me to ask around?”
“You could, but I mean who do we know would be willing enough or stupid enough to tell us even if they knew?”
Both Agents went quiet, both thinking through names of informants that could possibly have any knowledge of Co-We’lls activities much less be willing to share them.
Then they looked at each other as one name came to both their minds.
“The Jedwards” they said in unison.



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