Chapter Seven Isabel (Everytime I Look At You)


They arrived at her apartment a short time later, whilst he went used the bathroom to “freshen up” she went to change into “something more comfortable”.

Then a horrible realisation struck her.. she still had his picture plastered on the ceiling. Panic set in.. what could she do? There was no time to paint over it, and she had no other way of covering it up.

“Isabel?” his voice drifted into the room, he was looking for her.

“I’m here!” she replied brightly and ran out of the room, locking the door behind her.

“So you are” he smiled “there are so many rooms I got a bit lost”

Of course! She could be so stupid sometimes. He didn’t know which was her room, she would just use one other four until she could do some redecoration.

“I was wondering” he continued sheepishly “if I could use your shower? It gets hot on stage and…”

“You’re always hot, can I join you?” her hand flew to her mouth “Oops”

She wanted to apologise but he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bathroom before she had the chance. His mouth covered hers and his hands uncovered her body. She tore his clothes from him in a frenzy. Suddenly he broke the kiss and looked her in the eyes “Are you sure?”

She didn’t trust herself to speak so she nodded.

“Are you positive?” he was so sincere in the way he spoke.

“Yes” she whispered

“Are you absolutely certain?”

“Yes” she replied firmly

“Are you positive?”


“Are you completely free from doubt?”


“I just want to be sure that you are sure”


“Okay.. shall we get in the shower then?”


In the apartment above Isabel’s an older couple were in bed reading and drinking hot chocolate.

“Wonder what brand of coco she uses?” mused the husband.

His wife set her cup down with an evil smile and replied “Same one we do”

“Really? It never has that effect on…DORIS! What on EARTH do you think you are doing?!!!”

Meanwhile in Isabel’s bathroom…

“Oooh that is so nice” he closed his eyes and breathed deeply “I didn’t know they did an apple, cucumber and mint shower gel too..”

“Oh yes! They do it shampoo and conditioner in the same fragrance”

He smiled at her “Thank you so much for letting me see your bath products, I know it may have seemed a strange request”

“Not all, I like a man who takes care of his appearance”

“Do you still want to watch a film and eat popcorn?”

Isabel shook her head.

“What then?”

“I want to take you bed and make mad passionate love to you.. but we’ll have to be quiet though.. the people who live above me seem to be able to hear every single move I make…”

“Don’t worry Darling, I can be discreet”



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