Chapter Eight Isabel (Everytime I Look At You)

This is the last one, hope you enjoy.


He moved in with her the very next day, they knew they would be spending every single moment together from then on so it made sense. When Il Divo went on a mini promotional tour, Isabel completely redecorated the apartment, starting with the bedroom ceiling.

Within the weeks that followed attached Divos proposed to their girlfriends and single ones found their happy ever after.

It only seem right then that a quadruple wedding be arranged so that they could all share in each others happiness.

The Il Divo machine went into overdrive, a team of wedding planners was hired, families were informed and of course were beyond delighted.

The fans went into hysterics, helplines were set up, leaflets on how to cope were printed and sent out by the truckload. In the end a Web Chat was organised in which they waved to every country on the globe, said hello in 58 different languages, told 189 disappointed women that “no unfortunately they couldn’t marry them” and harmony was restored.

The Big Day arrived, four nervous grooms stood at the alter, dressed in matching suits awaiting their brides.

At a nod from the back of the room, music filled the air and four stunning women made their way down the aisle.

Each dress had been donated for free by various design houses who would recoup their expenses from the magazines who were effectively paying for the privilege of having ten page spreads in their next editions.

The venue had been decorated with balloons, flowers, fairy lights, cute cuddly toys depicting brides and grooms, there were page boys, flower girls, ring bearers, best men, bridesmaids, maids of honour, all hired from modelling agencies so that the photos would look as fabulous as possible.

Taking the vows took an eternity. Each couple had written a four page essay about much they loved their loved their other half, how their world wasn’t complete until they had met them, how they couldn’t live without them, how beautiful/handsome they looked in their suit/dress and so on.

The presiding registrar had time to nip off to the nearest pub, have a nice lunch, a couple of glasses of wine, coffee and a short walk before heading back for the bit where they said “I do”

The couples were so wrapped up in each other that they never even noticed he’d gone.

It was then onto the reception.

Four wedding cakes towered at the back of the room, they were far too tall to balance on a table.

There were more flowers, balloons, fairy lights and so on. The food had been prepared by several celebrity chiefs.

After the meal came the speeches, in which four Father In Laws thanked four Grooms for taking such good care of their daughters. Four Mother In Laws cried and four men gave each other hearty congratulations before once again repeating how much they adored their brides.

At the end of the evening four couples retired to four bridle suites and did what all couples do on their wedding nights. The snoring could be heard all over town.

Nine months later four sets of octuplets came into the world displaying their father’s lung power.

Isabel wandered up and down the cribs, thinking how wonderful her life was, then headed back to bed.

“Goodnight Cinderella, Ariel, Belle and Tinkerbell. Goodnight Peter, James, Adam and Eric”

She cuddled up to him, he looked in her eyes and said “You know, every time I look at you Isabel, I can’t help falling in love”

The End.



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