Chapter Five Isabel (Everytime I Look At You)


The guests formed a semi orderly queue to have their photograph taken with Il Divo, Isabel had decided a place somewhere in the middle would be best. Everyone was in high spirits, their performance had been an amazing success, both men and women cheering for more when it ended.

After the photos had been taken the group would spend at least an hour mingling with the guests.

Most of them had taken full advantage of the free hospitality, Isabel however still had her glass of champagne, she did not want to end up drunk in front of Il Divo. She would save that for the Diva night out that had been planned for the following week.

Some of them had taken more advantage than others she though sourly as a small group of women began a rather lively debate about how many “blinky winks” they had each received from Urs.

“No way did he blinky wink you five times Editha No Way” Mirabelle sneered.

“He soooo did!” Editha pouted.

“No he didn’t” chimed in Violetta “Because he was too busy blinky winking ME”

“Girlfriend, he never even saw you! You were thirteen rows back!” Editha snorted.



The two were now toe to toe and everyone was looking at them.

Isabel groaned inwardly, she knew these women from the Official Forum and they were always arguing about Urs. She’d often wondered what would happen if they were ever in a room together and now it seemed she was about to find out.

The commotion hadn’t gone unnoticed by the Divos either, they stared at the women trying to figure out if they recognised them.

“Isn’t that the one who gave you that god awful knitted hat with hearts and your name on?” Carlos nudged Seb.

Seb went pale “Oh no I hope not!”

“No” said David, being the tallest he had the best view “It’s that one who nearly followed Urs into the Gents at that Birmingham venue”

It was Urs’ turn to go pale “I think they are all fans of mine”

The other three breathed a sigh of relief, then nodded understandingly at their band mate before bursting into fits of giggles.

“It’s not funny!” exclaimed Urs “You’d be laughing on the other side of your face if that woman who got you Chest Hair Curlers was here Carlos!”

Carlos’ face straightened at once “She’s not is she?”

David took a swift look round, he didn’t want to see her either because although he’d never told the others, she also had a habit of slipping leopard print thongs into his pocket at the end of the encore of every show. “No, I think you’re safe..”

“Look!” Seb pointed at the two fans “They’re fighting!!”

And indeed he was right, a full blown cat fight had broken out, there was a crowd around, shouting, jeering and egging them on. Isabel had never felt so mortified in her life. She looked frantically round to see if there were any security staff. Where are they?? What about a waiter? No they appears to have all run off. Someone has to do something… then she caught his eye. He was looking right at her. Did that mean… should she do something? Well no one else was. So Isabel Brahms-liszt drew herself to her full 5 foot 5 (5 foot 11 in heels) and marched over to scrapping women.

“LADIES PLEASE!” she shouted at the top her voice “What do you think you are doing”

The two women stopped dead and looked at her. Violetta got to her feet, strode over to Isabel and slapped her face “STAY OUT OF IT BITCH!”

Security arrived just at that moment, they hauled both Violetta and Editha away. Isabel felt tears sting at her eyes, when someone placed their hand on her shoulder and said “My dear are you okay?”

It was him.



One thought on “Chapter Five Isabel (Everytime I Look At You)

  1. vswamp27

    You cut that off just at the right place now I have to wait to see what is going to happen. I am so enjoying this story, it is a feel good story. Thanks.

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