Chapter Three Isabel (Everytime I look At You)


The following day she sat drinking the pre mixed spinach, apricot and various vitamins health drink that everybody she knew had for breakfast. She switched on one of the many televisions in the apartment to watch the morning chat show. And there they were! Or they would be in 10 minutes time the host promised.

Isabel checked the time, did she have time to watch or would she have to record it? It would be close but she reckoned she could get away with watching. She considered logging on to Twitter to see if anyone was live tweeting the interview, but her phone was across the room and she didn’t want to miss any of the unexpected treat in fetching it.

So she settled back in her seat and waved back at her favourite band as they smiled inanely for the camera, announcing that they were “Il Divo” and waving at people who weren’t there.

After a seemingly endless commercial break the host came back, reading enthusiastically from the auto cue about how many albums they had sold, how they were a “Classical Crossover” band and how at least one of them was still single.

“So” the immaculate blonde smiled “I believe you have a very special announcement for your fans”

“Yes! Indeed we do! We have been invited to do a benefit concert for SomeRandom Organization’s charity Random Acts of Kindness” David smiled.

Isabel’s jaw dropped. That was her company! And her company’s charity! She would be able to go!

“That’s sooo exciting” dripped the host “and which songs will you be singing?”

“Ah. That will be a surprise” Seb tapped the side of his nose, Urs and Carlos nodded their agreement.

“Fabulous” the host turned to the camera “Well we’re going to take another break now, but stay tuned because we’ll be talking to a woman who says she’s found alien swamp rats in her back yard! And Il Divo will be back at the end of the show to sing us out”

Isabel made a dash for the shower, she didn’t want to hear some crazy lady talk about swamp rat aliens or whatever. Honestly where did they find these people from? Anyway, forget her, if she didn’t wash her hair she would be done in time for the song.

When she returned to the sofa, Swamp Rat Lady was still taking up airtime that could have been put to better use. Isabel drummed her fingers impatiently on the arm of the chair. Come on. There wasn’t much time left. Eventually the host cut the woman off “Well that’s it for today, so to sing us out, here’s Il Divo with “Regress a Mi”

The lights dimmed, the music started and Sebastian sang the first line. Then the screen went black and the credits rolled.

Perfect sighed Isabel just perfect.

Twenty minutes later she pulled into her private parking space. She used her private door to enter the building, her private lift to take her to her private floor where her private office was.

After getting a coffee from her private vending machine, she fired up her computer to check her emails. Sure enough there was her invitation to the benefit concert.

SomeRandom Organisation are pleased to announce that the world famous Classical Crossover group (at least one of them is still single) Il Divo will be the headline act at our annual benefit concert.

All employees are welcome to attend this Black Tie event and every Director is invited for pre concert cocktails where they will have the opportunity for an informal Meet and Greet with Il Divo.

May we remind you that this is a prestigious event that will attract a lot of publicity for our charity “Random Acts of Kindness” therefore we expect a level of decorum to be maintained”

Isabel Brahms-liszt had never been happier.



3 thoughts on “Chapter Three Isabel (Everytime I look At You)

  1. vswamp27

    Isabel Brahms-liszt is one happy woman. Now what will happen at the event. Will she get more than a M&G? Oh the thrill of the thought.

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