Chapter Two Isabel (Everytime I Look At You)


Later that evening she drove home in her expensive sports car that had more buttons than she would ever press and glossy black paintwork with “Runs On Pixie Dust” emblazoned on the door panels in bright pink. Home was a spacious open plan apartment, she and Hugh had been discussing a major redecoration of the place but he wasn’t there any more. All his clothes, shoes, watches, toothbrush, shower gel and those expensive hair products he used were all gone. She burst into tears again, she’d miss that hair mousse.

Pull yourself together she scolded herself so she wiped her eyes, put “The Promise” on the CD player since it was the most sorrowful of all the Il Divo albums it would match her mood.

She then set about making dinner in the kind of kitchen that would send any Michelin starred chief into a jealous rage.

It took her about 10 minutes to make a 3 course culinary extravaganza, mainly because the only thing she knew how to use was the microwave and she kept her freezer well stocked with the finest ready meals. She wasn’t exactly lying when she told people Jamie Oliver was her personal chief but it wasn’t entirely true either.

After a reasonable period of time had passed she ran herself a bath, pouring in enough expensive bath milk to make Cleopatra think maybe she hadn’t overdone things after all. She lit candles by flicking a switch, there were so many in there had they been real it would have been a fire hazard.

There was an iPod docking station in there so she selected the very first Il Divo album and sank into the water.

She got out when the water was just starting to cool, having washed her hair, and preened all that needed preening.

Wrapping a bath sheet round her she made her way to the walk in wardrobe and selected one of her many designer dresses.

She placed the dress on the bed alongside her expensive underwear and Louboutin heels. Carefully she styled her hair and applied her make up whilst “Wicked Game” played quietly in the background.

She wasn’t going to waste any more time pining the loss of a real life relationship. Oh No. She would hit all the social media sites tonight, in search of news about the man she knew she was destined to be with.

And she would look a million dollars whilst she did it.

Whilst her computer clicked and whirred into life she poured herself a large glass of wine, upon opening her Twitter account she frowned. No this wouldn’t do, if he was going to notice her she would have to make some changes. That avatar for a start, the picture was so old now. She searched through the 40,000 pictures she had on file and selected one of him with a far off look in his eye. That one would be perfect. Maybe I’ll change the wallpaper too, and found a group shot of them looking thoughtfully at the camera.

Twitter promptly announced the arrival of a new tweet Oh My God it’s him! They were online at the same time! It had to be a sign.

Looking forward to the start of the tour. Can’t wait to be back on the road

She paused for a moment, she had to think of just the right reply.

@bloodrednaillady Me too! When do the tickets go on sale #excited

Keep checking the website for tour dates & ticket information

She gasped. He’d replied to her!



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