Chapter Twenty Six #FluteSmurf

Yes yes I know.. it’s been a while. Thought some humour after the drama of the last chapter. Hope you enjoy.. hope you haven’t forgotten about it!!! 😀

How about a picture of The Señor?

Sunday Picture 6/4/2014
Sunday Picture 6/4/2014


Chapter Twenty Six

McClain rolled his eyes, he reached for the small revolver he kept taped to the underside of his desk and casually pointed it back at his ‘client’

“What next? Rock, paper scissors? I don’t have the time or patience for this bullshit so pay what you owe me and I won’t tell Urs Buhler you were here. How about that?”

“What does he have to do with anything?” her voice sounded a lot calmer than she felt.

“Two of his associates were just here. Wanting to know all about you”

“And what did you tell them?”

“Everything they wanted to know Lady”

“Who were they?”

“Some Private Dick called Miller and The Señor no less. You pissed off some very serious people”

“Sonofabitch you told The Señor about me?” her voice was tinged with panic, her face had drained of it’s colour.

“Damn right I did. I like my face the way it is so I told him everything you told me”

“That was really really stupid McClain”

“You attempted to blackmail a friend of Buhler’s and you call me stupid?” McClain laughed “You are in way over that pretty head of yours sweetheart. Way over”

David Miller’s car

I stretched as much as I could in the passenger seat, my ass felt like someone had stuck a thousand pins in it and I had cramp in my legs. We had been sitting in the car ever since our meeting with McClain had finished. The Señor was convinced the PI hadn’t been entirely honest with us and that his Mystery Client would be paying him a visit this very night. How he knew that I have no idea. Maybe it was a feeling in his water… speaking of which…

“I have to see a man about a dog”


“A man about a dog” I repeated.

“You don’t have a dog”

“I know I don’t.. it’s an expression. I need to take a leak”


“Take a leak.. drain the hose..” he just looked blankly at me

Hose? Leak? Qué?”

“Pee! I need to pee goddammit”

“Oh. Si” he reached behind the seat and produced an empty cola bottle. No way.

“You are kidding me?”

“No. You want to pee, here you go” he tapped the bottle on my arm.


“What’s the matter? Is the bottle too big?”

I glared at him “It’s too small”

He replied with a raised eyebrow and a very nearly smile “I won’t look”


I undid the seatbelt and shifted in the seat in order to do what what was necessary.

There was a sudden loud noise like the crack of a whip, followed by another. I very nearly dropped the bottle.

“What the fu..”

“Gunshot” growled The Señor, he lept out of the car and started back towards McClain’s office.

I fumbled with my zipper, the bottle and the car door. Eventually I got out and chased after him.

“Hold on” I called but he’d vanished into the building.

The Sophistikitty Club

The mobile phone sat silently on the table. Urs picked it up, set it back down again, paced the room, picked it up, put it down and repeated the process several times.Sebastien sighed, looked about the room, stared at his hands and sighed again.

“Will you please sit down mon ami? You are making me dizzy”

Urs stopped mid pace and sat on the nearest vacent chair “They should be done by now”

“Maybe they are making sure they do a thorough job?”

Urs smiled “Not too thorough.. not if you want to be able to speak to him yourself”

Oh yes thought Seb I want to do more than talk to him. A lot more. But he would have to be patient and wait until Miller had reported back. Why didn’t the damn phone ring?

“I think maybe we need a little distraction” Urs motioned two of the girls over to them “somewhere private”

Seb raised his eyebrows “That kind of distraction is all very well if you are single”

“Oh don’t worry, these two are for me. I have something else arranged for you” he nodded at the other private booth “I assure you won’t get into trouble with your lovely wife” with a wink he linked arms with both women and walked off.

Seb stared after him, then dragged his gaze to the booth. What did he mean he wouldn’t get into trouble? Perhaps it was a card game.. that would okay.. win some money, take his mind off things. And anyway if he didn’t like what he found he could always come back to the main bar. He started to walk over to the booth, attempting to look as nonchalant as possible, no one paid him any attention so he guessed it must be working. He reached for the handle and slowly opened the door.

“Hello Handsome” the woman purred “take a seat and let me entertain you for a while”

Seb’s mouth opened and closed but no words came out. It was all she could do not laugh. Instead she sashayed over to him, took his tie in one hand and led him to the chair. He fell heavily onto it and before he could properly recover he found himself in a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs.

“My wife will kill me” he spluttered to the masked temptress who was now straddling him.

She leaned in closer and whispered “I won’t tell if you don’t”

He caught a whiff of her perfume and somewhere in the back of his mind a lightbulb lit up.


“Took you long enough” his wife smiled as she slowly undid his shirt.

He laughed “Listen, I have a question.. did Urs..?

“Arrange this? Yes of course he did..” she stopped “if you’d rather not do it…”

“No! I mean yes! I mean.. what I was going to say was.. did he say you could keep the outfit?”

“Sebastien! You are a naughty boy and you will be suitably punished!”

“I can’t wait” he grinned.

Meanwhile on the vacated table Urs phone lit up and buzzed. Then it stopped. Then it did it again and again and again until one of the waitresess picked it up. Seeing the caller id she looked around for Urs but couldn’t see him anywhere. So she found the club manager instead. The phone buzzed impatiently. The manager was torn, he knew where Urs was and had a very good idea of what he was doing but… he always took calls from this number. And he’d been waiting for this very call tonight. The manager took the phone and sent the waitress back to her tables. He went over to the booth where he had seen Urs disappear into and knocked. There was no answer. He knocked again, the phone buzzed angrily at him. Here goes nothing he thought and opened the door.

How he kept his face straight he would never know, but if he hadn’t it would have been more than his job on the line. But however hard he tried he would never be able to unsee what was in front of him or look at a frilly pink apron in the same way again.

“Phone call for you Boss. It’s The Señor”



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  1. You are wicked, Karen! LOL! I can’t stop laughing at that frilly pink apron! And I thought it funny the other readers are more concerned about what happened at McClain’s 😛 Sorry, no offence to the other readers, just my wicked sense of humour taking over 😛

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