Erasure “Snowglobe”

I am a life long fan of Erasure, so was very much looking forward to this Christmas offering, with that in mind I ordered one of the Limited Edition Box Sets. It eventually arrived yesterday.

3 CD’s, a desk calender, Christmas bauble, 2 balloons, sweets, postcards, window stickers, a signed Christmas card and a cocktail recipe book all neatly packaged in a cute box not bad for £39.50.

So to the CD a mix of classic seasonal songs and carols mix easily with original songs. I cannot pick a favourite track, they are all equally good. This is not only one of the best Erasure albums I’ve heard, it’s one of the best Christmas albums, in fact it’s one of the best albums I’ve heard full stop.

Andy Bell is on superb form, his vocal range is incredible. The man can literally sing anything. Vince Clarke’s arrangements of the songs give them a very different Christmas feel, darker, more grown up.

The 2nd disc is just as good. I jumped for joy when I saw their previous Christmas song “She Won’t Be Home” was included. An underplayed, under rated gem. Their version of “Stop The Cavalry” is brilliant.

The 3rd disc is a “radio show” in which Vince & Andy discuss each track on the album and play it full. They talk about how they decided on the tracks, and what influenced the original songs on there.

Unfortunately it is not possible to buy this Box Set from Amazon or places like that. There were about 3000 made and they sold out. But you can buy the normal CD and if you like your Christmas music a little different I strongly suggest you do. Some have said this is the Erasure of their 80’s heyday… I say it’s even better.

The song Gaudete is available to buy as a download for pence. Get it and help a proper Christmas song into the charts this year.


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